2019 Editorial Calendar

January 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for your Home Renovation Needs

Design Files Requested: Deck Tiles & Planks, Exterior Shutters, Terrazzo Flooring, Underlayment, Roofing & Gutters, Siding & Stone Veneer, Stair Parts, Windows & Doors.

Article Release: Jan. 7 | Newsletter Release: Jan. 11 | Materials Due: Dec. 20

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for Renovating Your Bathroom

Design Files Requested: Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers, Bathroom Partitions, Hand Dryers, Tissue Holders, Drains, Grab Bars, ADA Bathroom Units, Shower Stalls

Article Release: Jan. 24 | Newsletter Release: Jan. 25 | Materials Due: Jan. 18

February 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Wall Panels to Use in Your Next Project

Design Files Requested: Metal Wall Panels, Acoustical, Decorative, Porcelain, Fiber Reinforced Cementitious, Living Walls, or Multi-Function Ceiling Panels.

Article Release: Feb. 6 | Newsletter Release: Feb. 8 | Materials Due: Jan. 23

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings to Create a Stunning Apartment Lobby

Design Files Requested: Elevators, Glass Doors, Signage, HVAC System, Trash Receptacles, Bollards, Brick Cladding, Lights.

Article Release: Feb. 21 | Newsletter Release: Feb.22 | Materials Due: Feb. 7

March 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Fences & Gates for Privacy, Security, and Protection.

Design Files Requested: Residential, Security, Aluminum, Wire, Composite, Ornamental Metal, or Chain Link Metal Fences.

Article Release: March 4 | Newsletter Release: March 8 | Materials Due: Feb. 18

Topic: 20+ Design Files for Creating an Inclusive Playground

Design Files Requested: Playground equipment, Athletic and Recreational Surfaces, Outdoor Water Play Equipment, Splash Pad Surfacing, Bicycle Racks, or Shade Structures.

Article Release: March 19 | Newsletter Release: March 22 | Materials Due: March 5

April 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for Designing an Outdoor Exercise Area

Design Files Requested: Presses, Junior Equipment, Balance Training, Beams, Nets, Fitness Benches, Athtletic and Recreational Surfaces, Goal Posts, Drinking Fountains, or Synthetic Turf

Article Release: April 3 | Newsletter Release: April 5 | Materials Due: March 20

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for Creating Stunning Public Spaces

Design Files Requested: Bike Racks, Public Benches, Public Tables, Outdoor Trash Receptacles, Recycling Receptacles, Planters.

Article Release: April 18 | Newsletter Release: April 19 | Materials Due: April 5

May 2019



Topic: 15+ CAD Drawings to Help Create the Best Bike-Friendly Neighbourhood

Design Files Requested: Bicycle Racks, Shelters, Lockers, Bicycle Path Marking, Bollards, or Planters.

Article Release: April 30 | Newsletter Release: May 3 | Materials Due: April 15

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for Creating a Beautiful Garden

Design Files Requested: Garden Ornaments, Umbrellas, Gates, Landscape Edging, Planters, Pedestals, Landscape Stone Edging, Garden Fencing, or Green Roofs.

Article Release: May 14 | Newsletter Release: May 17 | Materials Due: April 30

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Gardening & Lawn Care Accessories

Design Files Requested: Outdoor Pots & Planters, Compost Bins, Outdoor Structures, Landscaping Stones & Pavers, Fencing & Gates, Watering & Irrigation.

Article Release: May 29 | Newsletter Release: May 31 | Materials Due: May 15

June 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for Water Fun in the Summer Sun

Design Files Requested: Starting Blocks, Ladders & Rails, Swimming Pool Fence, Water Slide, Pool Deck Surfacing, Lounging, Underwater Lighting, Swimming Pool Heaters, Swimming Pool Pumps, Water Ground Sprays, Splash Pad Surfacing.

Article Release: June 13 | Newsletter Release: June 14 | Materials Due: May 30

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for Creating an Amazing Outdoor Living Space

Design Files Requested: Outdoor Heaters, Water Features, Fire Features, Planters, Patio Furniture, Pergolas, Lighting, Sliding Glass Walls, or Outdoor Kitchens.

Article Release: June 24 | Newsletter Release: June 28 | Materials Due: June 10

July 2019

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for your Roofing Needs

Design Files Requested: Structural Roof Decks, Metal Structural Roof Decks, Exterior Roof Panels, Roof Underlayment, Shingles, Roof Tiles, Roof Cladding, Roof Coverings, Roof Membranes, Roof Decking, Roof Edgings and Trims.

Article Release: July 9 | Newsletter Release: July 12 | Materials Due: June 25

Topic: 20+ Healthcare CAD Drawings to Enhance Patient Care

Design Files Requested: Patient Care Products, Patient Beds, Patient Lifts, Surgical Lighting Fixtures, Surgical Operating Tables, Patient Care Products, Medical Examination Lighting Fixtures.

Article Release: July 24 | Newsletter Release: July 26 | Materials Due: July 10

August 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings to Help Provide Shade to Your Place

Design Files Requested: Pavilions, Trellis, Pergolas, Walkway Coverings, Shade Umbrellas, Fabric Shade Covers, Retractable Canopies.

Article Release: Aug. 8 | Newsletter Release: Aug. 9 | Materials Due: July 18

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for your Exterior Home Renovation Needs

Design Files Requested:

Article Release: Aug. 19 | Newsletter Release: Aug. 23 | Materials Due: Aug. 5

September 2019



Topic: 15+ CAD Drawings for Creating Pedestrian Friendly Areas

Design Files Requested: Cross Walk System, Bike Lane Markings, Benches, Trash Receptacles, Bollards, Transit Shelters, Transit Signals, Bike Shelters, Fountains, or Planters.

Article Release: Sept. 3 | Newsletter Release: Sept. 6 | Materials Due: Aug. 20

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Waterproofing & Water Management Methods

Design Files Requested: Thermoplastic Sheet Waterproofing, Cementitious and Reactive, Dampproofing, Sheet Waterproofing, Crystalline, Elastomeric, Vapor Barriers, or Storm Tanks.

Article Release: Sept. 18 | Newsletter Release: Sept. 20 | Materials Due: Sept. 4

October 2019



Topic: 20+ Flooring CAD Drawings to Help You With Your Next Project

Design Files Requested: Cork Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Wood Flooring, Stone Flooring, Terrazzo Flooring, Resilient Flooring, or Tile Flooring.

Article Release: Oct. 3 | Newsletter Release: Oct. 4 | Materials Due: Sept. 19

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Windows for Your Project

Design Files Requested: Metal, Wood, Plastic, Composite, Special Purpose, Impact Resistant, Skylights, Horizontal Sliding Windows, Double Hung Windows, or Casement Windows.

Article Release: Oct. 14 | Newsletter Release: Oct. 18 | Materials Due: Sept. 30

November 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Bollards for Providing Safety and Security to the Premises

Design Files Requested: Architectural Bollards, Lighting Bollards, Active Anti Ram Bollards, Passive Anti Ram Bollards, Active Anti Ram Removable Bollards, Bollard Covers, Bollard Accessories, Mount Bollards.

Article Release: Oct. 29 | Newsletter Release: Nov. 1 | Materials Due: Oct. 15

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings to Assist with Erosion Control

Design Files Requested: Erosion Control Mats, Erosion Control Blankets, Nonwoven Geotextiles, Woven Geotextiles, Soil Stabilization Products, Soil Stabilization Fills, Piped Field Drainage, Field Drainage Geocomposite Drains.

Article Release: Nov. 13 | Newsletter Release: Nov. 15 | Materials Due: Oct. 30

Topic: 15+ CAD Drawings of Stair Components for Use in Your Next Project

Design Files Requested: Stair Tread, Stair Nosing, Spiral Stairs, Glass Stairs, Stair Components, Trim, Retractable Stairs, Stairs, or Railings.

Article Release: Nov. 28 | Newsletter Release: Nov. 29 | Materials Due: Nov. 14

December 2019



Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings of Fireplaces to Keep You Cozy

Design Files Requested: Electric Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts, Fireplace Mantels, Gas Fireplaces, Wood Fireplaces, Solid Fuel Fireplace, Fireplace Accessories, Ornamental Fire Bowls.

Article Release: Dec. 9 | Newsletter Release: Dec. 13 | Materials Due: Nov. 25

Topic: 20+ CAD Drawings for your Insulation Needs

Design Files Requested: Thermal Insulation, Slab and Board Thermal Insulation, Thermal Insulation Coatings, Sprayed Thermal Insulation Coatings, Insulated Concrete Forms, Structural Insulated Panels, Insulating Glass.

Article Release: Dec. 18 | Newsletter Release: Dec. 20 | Materials Due: Dec. 1