What Does Recess Look Like Around the World?

What Does Recess Look Like Around the World?

Recess is undoubtedly the favourite part of the school day for a child. They enjoy the ability to be active and interact with their fellow classmates. Whether the children are participating in a game of hopscotch or exploring the outdoors, their recess is an integral part to childhood development. In this article we explore how children around the world enjoy their recess.

image ©  Maria Michelle

International School of Curacao, Willemstad, Curacao

At the International School of Curacao School in the Caribbean children seem to gravitate towards community involvement and gather around to play sports during their recess. While there is the option for other activities such as swinging on the swings or playing basketball on a court, as seen above the soccer game is still of more interest. 

image ©  Stephen Shephard

Dechen Phodrang School, Thimphu, Butan

Similar community involvement can be seen at the Dechen Phodrang School in Thimphu, Bhutan. Instead of playing a sport however, some students at this school enjoy arts and crafts during their recess.  

image ©   Lance Cpl. D.J. Wu

image ©  Lance Cpl. D.J. Wu

Joshua Tree Elementary School, California, USA

While many of the children at Dechen Phodrang School preferred arts and crafts during their break, the children at Joshua Tree Elementary seem divided between playing on the equipment and joining in on a game of football with a supervisor.

image ©   James Emery

image © James Emery

International School of Havana, Cuba

The children that play at the International School of Havana in Cuba show a similar sense of community socialization as the other schools and are seen enjoying a game of hopscotch.

image ©  Misterx2000

image © Misterx2000

Singapore International School, Hong Kong, Japan

While most children have access to a playground that is rooted on the ground, the students at Singapore International School in Hong Kong gain rooftop access during their recess. While there isn't as much space as a traditional playground, the children can play on equipment and still have room to run around safely. 


Harbins Elementary School, Georgia, USA

While it can be generally seen that the students from around the world are active during their recess, they still don't compare to the children that attend Harbins Elementary School in Georgia. The school wants to ensure the children are physically active on their break by fostering a truly collaborative environment that participates in aerobics and stretching during their break.

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Source: Buzzfeed

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