Best Color Palettes to Decorate Your Bedroom

Best Color Palettes to Decorate Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis. You see it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, so choosing the proper bedroom colors is imperative. But there’s a lot that goes into choosing a color palette for your bedroom. Are you seeking to create a subtle, calming atmosphere, or are your tastes a bit bolder? From neutral tones to bold and beautiful, check out our list of bedroom colors inspiration to find the one that’s just right for you.

Comforting Yet Bold

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A neutral color scheme doesn’t have to be boring. Select two primary colors ㅡ beige and orange ㅡ and choose pieces in various hues to make a comfortable, inviting, and contemporary bedroom. Adding a variety of textures throughout the space will keep it interesting while fresh flowers or live plants add softness and vibrancy.

Light + Dreamy

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Soft blues and greens make for an airy, beachy vibe. Those two colors together are also very relaxing. Pops of bright colors, like orange or yellow, add character while still keeping the room restful and subtle. You should also incorporate some earth tones, like wooden furniture pieces, to ground an airy bedroom color palette.

Warm + Natural

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Lovers of the outdoors might enjoy neutral bedroom colors. Colors that aren’t overbearing give you the freedom to incorporate natural elements into your design. Nature-inspired furnishings and rustic decoration pieces set against a neutral wall will create a warm and natural feel that’s inviting and comforting.

Forest Green + Earthy Brown

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There’s something invigorating about going out in nature. If trees do green and brown so well, perhaps we can take a hint and incorporate those hues into our bedroom color and possibly achieve the same effect. Though green and brown are generally darker colors and can be overwhelming and encapsulating, ensuring that you let in enough natural light will help you achieve a balance that is both natural and soothing.

50 Shades of White

People shy away from white walls out of fear that their environment will look sterile and hospital-like. But by layering complementary tones, you can create a warm and inviting space. Think animal prints, gold pieces, and live plants to give the room some character and vibrancy.

Black + White

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It’s hard to go wrong with a black and white color scheme. Though polar opposites, the stark contrast creates an eye-catching and dramatic bedroom space. It’s simple yet elegant, and any color you decide to accent with looks amazing. Also, be sure to incorporate some live plants into a black and white bedroom as the green from plants will really stand out.

A modern marvel

Aiming for a modern look? Keep your wall colors simple ㅡ perhaps white or light gray ㅡ and allow artwork and furnishings to make a statement. With neutral walls, you can go wild with lime green bed sheets, bright orange lamps, and colorful abstract art.


Cream + Blush Pink

Sensual and sophisticated, creams, light browns, and blush pinks with gold accents create a stylish, relaxing, and feminine interior. This versatile classic combo also works great in nurseries. Undertones and sheen are what really make the look, so adjust those according to your preference.

Classic Red + Navy

Navy blue and red isn’t just for nautical-themed rooms. Using variations of red (scarlet, for example) and making it the key player with dark navy as a secondary color, you can add your own touch to the classic nautical theme.


Bold in Black

Black for a bedroom color palette? You betcha! White walls with a black accent wall will make the white elements in the room pop. Spice up the room, and throw in some modern elements. Funky throw pillows, texture, and faux fur all work well in a bedroom with a black color palette.

Cemented Chic

Cement-colored and textured walls give way to a chic, industrial vibe. Incorporate elements with clean lines and metallic accent colors to keep the industrial feel consistent throughout. A simple piece of art above the bed works to draw the eye while live plants can lighten up the atmosphere.


Pretty in Pink

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Pink isn’t only for a little girl’s room. For a bright and airy space which is also feminine, light pink walls and a charming chandelier coupled with wooden shingles and rustic sconces work great. Feel free to add black and brown pieces for a dramatic effect.

Author’s Bio: Darlene Mase lives in Newnan, Georgia with her husband and daughter. She is a stay-at-home mom and works as a freelance writer for and other popular sites. During her free time, Darlene enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, cycling, gardening, caving, kayaking, or anything else outdoors.

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