Friday Findings - November 10th Edition

Friday Findings - November 10th Edition

In this weeks edition we take a look at a race track inspired by Mario Kart, how 12 designers are challenging the built environment, 8 ways to design a basement apartment, and why city planners are considering the possibility of designing from scratch.

Mario Kart–Inspired Race Track Opening in Niagara Falls


Ever dreamed of playing a real life version of Mario Kart? It will soon be possible with a track in Niagara Falls opening next year. While it may be without the red shells and bananas, the inspiration from Mario Kart is evident. 

You can learn more about the racetrack here.

Hot Shots: 12 Emerging Designers Shaping the Future of Practice

image  Flickr

image Flickr

This article takes a look at projects created by designers who are actively shaping architecture's evolution and exploring new definitions of the built environment.  To see the projects and learn more about the designers, read the article here.

8 ways to make the most of a basement apartment


Basement dwellings often have low ceilings, cramped rooms and little natural light, making them challenging to decorate. Adding mirrors, lighting, and contouring are among the 8 ways that this article explores for decorating a basement apartment.  To learn the others, read the full article here.

What's Stopping Urban Designers From Creating Walkable Neighborhoods From Scratch?


As more people are desiring to have walkable and greener cities, some have wondered how to make it possible. While redesigning is the common answer, recently, people have considered the possibility of rebuilding the city from scratch. To learn what that entails, read the article here.

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