Friday Findings - November 17th Edition

Friday Findings - November 17th Edition

In this week's edition, we're taking a look at how hurricanes affect construction jobs, 21 careers to to pursue with an architecture degree, how an architect has created a fully sustainable shelter, and a school that is committed to sustainability.

How hurricanes affect construction jobs


As hurricanes wreak havoc on buildings, in the following months construction jobs grow faster than the national average as they try to rebuild and repair the affected land. In this article you can learn about the correlation between hurricanes and the construction industry.

Read the full article here.

This Pavillion Lives and Dies Through Its Sustainable Agenda

As a way to combat the affects of concrete jungles, architects have looked towards sustainable solutions. In this article, an architect has managed to create a sustainable structure that lives and dies. To learn more about it, read the article here.

A Sustainable Design School Aiming to Change the Culture of Education, Research, and Practice


Sustainable design which uses the most advanced technologies is both the focus of teaching and practicing, and the core value of the program. SOS seeks to transform recent graduates and emerging professionals into the next generation of leaders in broader and higher impact roles.

You can learn more about the program and how it is influencing sustainable design, here.

21 Careers You Can Pursue With A Degree in Architecture


Becoming a landscape architect, urban planner, or lighting designer are just three out of the list of 21 careers you can pursue with a degree in architecture, which may help some overcome the daunting task of beginning to think about and plan for the professional life that awaits. 

View the full list here.

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