Friday Findings - November 3rd Edition

Friday Findings - November 3rd Edition

This week we're taking a look at an innovative deck of cards that provides city planning inspiration, the way that cities are adapting to technology, and how one neighbourhood is testing out smart design to become more energy efficient. 

Need Help Designing a City? 


50 urban blocks is a pack of 50 cards that was created as a simple tool to inspire and influence the process of designing a city. Each card features a different way of organizing a city block, incorporating isometric and bird’s-eye-view diagrams, along with information about the form’s density, height, floor area ratio, coverage, and square footage. 

Read more about the cards here.

The Rise Of Smombie Urbanism


This article takes a look at how technology is changing our interaction with the urban environment and how the urban environment is responding to our advancements with technology.

Read the full article here.

A Fake City To Test Self-Driving Cars


As car companies compete to build the most impressive self driving car, a 'fake' city in Detroit. Located on 32 acre plot at the University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex is a zone where companies can test the effectiveness of the self driving cars and the plausibility of their success in urban environments.

To learn about the city and the pilot project, read the full story here

Every home in this UK neighborhood is its own power plant


As a way to prove that smart design can alter what it means to be energy efficient, 16 homes in Neath, Wales, are part of an experimental neighbourhood. In the neighbourhood each home is outfitted with technology that enables them to generate and store enough clean energy for 100% of their electricity needs.

Read more about the experiment here.

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