Friday Findings - October 13th Edition

Friday Findings - October 13th Edition

In honour of Friday the 13th and Halloween being  just around the corner, we've decided to take a look at architecture deemed as 'spooky', superstitious, and some claim 'evil'. In this edition you can learn what makes buildings seem evil and how the atmosphere around a building contributes to the haunted vibe.

Evil Buildings: Film’s Most Malicious Architecture

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

If you watch a scary movie, you can't help but feel weary about the building where the action is taking place. Typically elements of the building are drawn out to heighten the tension and convey emotion into the scene. For example, you may feel uneasy about the creaking stairs that the protagonist goes down, or uneasy over the condition of the house with its broken windows, moss growing up the side, and ominous shadows. In this article found on Curbed, they've gathered examples of architecture used in famous movies to make them even spookier. 

Read the article here.

Why Are Victorian Houses So Creepy?


Despite being the most popular searched interior decorating design, when you Google 'haunted house' you will stumble upon mostly images of a Victorian mansion. So what makes us think these houses are haunted? According to Co.Design, there could be a few reasons: first it may have something to do with pop culture using the style of house for the Addams Family, and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Secondly, it could be because in the 1930's individuals had turned their backs on the style and hated it. Therefore the style grew out of favour and compared to houses of today, it is a stark contrast to the modernism.

If you're interested in learning the other reasons we think of these houses as being haunted, then read the full article here.

10 Buildings That May Keep You Up At Night

image ©  Wiki Commons

image © Wiki Commons

When architecture is featured in a scary movie it can explain why seeing it in real life would elicit a shiver. What about the architecture that we walk or drive by that just gives us an unexplained shiver? Well, in this article found on Thought Co, it explores how gruesome history, an eerie atmosphere, and a plague of tragedy in the area can influence the creepiness factor of a building.

7 Scary Architectural Elements That Wouldn't Meet Building Code Requirements Today


When you think of horror inducing locations, you often think of a desolate location that houses a lonely cabin or a mansion on a hill surrounded by vast greenery. You often don't think about a high rise apartment or a modernistic house. This article on Azure Magazine, however, will have you realize that any atmosphere can become scary. In the article they show examples of how the location strongly contributes to a spine-tingling feeling. 

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