Friday Findings - October 20th Edition

Friday Findings - October 20th Edition

In honour of ASLA, this week we wanted to take a look at the efforts designers were making to enhance the field of landscape architecture and how they are challenging the urban landscape. In this edition you can learn: how 3d printing benefits landscape architecture, what PARK(ing) day is, how designers are fighting against urbanization and a project involving green spaces.

The possibilities of 3D printing in the landscape architecture field


When we've previously discussed 3D printing, we've mentioned it in context to building design. In this article by Jill Odom, she explores how the Lorax Design Group, a landscape architecture company, is using 3D printing to create miniature models of landscapes. In conjunction with sketches, they use the models to illustrate to clients how their pool design will enhance the client's backyard.  

You can read about their design process and how they incorporate 3D printing into landscape design here.

Ever heard of PARK(ing) Day?

Starting as a guerrilla art installation in 2005, the San Francisco-based studio Rebar introduced the idea of turning a parking space into a mini park by rolling out fake grass and installing a park bench. The temporary installation by Rebar inspired other designers to then partake in the activity of transforming a parking spot into a park. This led to something called PARK(ing) Day, where 160+ cities create temporary parks within the constrains of a parking space. To learn more about the day and see some examples, check out the video above.

Inspiring Urban Garden Designs And Their Creators


Although the term 'concrete jungle' is still heavily associated with urban areas, designers over the past few years have been attempting to reduce the impact of urbanization by adding  more greenery to the city. This article found on homedit, demonstrates how designers are constantly making efforts to bring nature into cities and homes.

Read the full article here.

350 Bleecker Street Project


Our systems have been installed on hundreds of structures across North America. For every project from hospitals, multifamily housing, libraries, schools and commercial real estate, Columbia Green Technologies can customize a green roof or rooftop garden to meet the unique requirements of the site. 

Learn more about Columbia Green here.

Do You Know What Blobitecture Is?

Do You Know What Blobitecture Is?

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