Friday Findings - September 15th Edition

Friday Findings - September 15th Edition

It's common to look at the past as a way to learn preventable mistakes for the future, gather inspiration from buildings that yielded great success, and understand design techniques that may speed up the construction process. This week we've decided to look at the past with articles about the 10 iconic examples of brutalist architecture, the state of Futuro houses,10 design principles you can learn from famous architecture, and lastly, the journey of an architectural historian.

10 iconic examples of brutalist architecture

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Brutalist style has influenced many and according to the Creative Blog, it is arguably the most controversial design movement of the 20th century. In this article, Nick Carson explores 10 buildings that he finds iconic of the Brutalist movement. Among the 10 are buildings such as The Breuer Building in NYC, Habitat 67 in Montreal, Trellick Tower in London, and SESC Pompeia in Sao Paulo.

To learn about the buildings and discover the others that made the list, read the full article here.

Inside abandoned UFO village where families lived in 'spaceships' before flying saucer cabins were left to rot

In February we reported on Futuro houses for their distinct resemblance to UFO's. The homes have come back into the limelight with recently released footage of the state of despair they are in now. Most have been left to rot with the interiors slowly deteriorating, windows cracked and carpets gone mouldy. In the video above found on Mirror, you can see the state that most of the Futuro homes are in. 

If you're interested in learning more about Futuro homes, you can read an article here.

I-95 Travel Plazas Project


Areas USA, a multi-national travel concessionaire providing food, beverage and retail services in the travel hospitality industry, secured multiple partnerships with U.S. transportation authorities along the East Coast’s main highway. Areas will redevelop and operate travel plazas along I-95, from the Florida Turnpike to northeast Maryland. 

The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Board approved an innovative $56-million agreement with Areas to redesign and rebuild both the Maryland House and Chesapeake House travel plazas along the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway. Areas will operate and maintain the plazas through 2047. 

View the full project here.

Unearthing the Past to Create New York’s Buildings of Tomorrow


In this article posted on the New York Times, it explores how Marci Clark, an architectural historian that has studied buildings throughout NYC, uses the past to manipulate building success in the future. During her studies she has found that instead of replacing old buildings, we should be learning from them since she claims "in many ways [real estate] is the story of New York, how the city grows and changes.". The JDS firm believes in this principle and has restored former buildings by replicating the past as a way to preserve the architecture of the time and introduce it to the modern era.

If you're interested in learning more about the process that Marci Clark takes in her restoration research, then read the article here.

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