Friday Findings - September 1st Edition

Friday Findings - September 1st Edition

After spending the summer perfecting the patio, the start of a new school year is the perfect time to reconsider some interior design choices. In this post we look at which colours are best for a home, how to design a dining room, the trends you want to avoid, and how to make rooms welcoming for all family members. 

These Are 5 Colours You Need for a Happy Home

Lorna McAleer, an interiors expert at Style Studio has revealed the 5 best colours for a home and surprisingly, the world's favourite colour isn't one of them. The 5 colours that she believes are best for a happy home include: yellow, green, blue, pink, and red. 

You can read about her reasons for picking each colour here.

10 Home Trends To Avoid or Get Rid of in 2017


While some trends may have many people glad to be rid of like the clinical all white rooms, others may be a bit harder to give up like the use of the colour Indigo. In this article found on Elle Decor, Kelsey Kloss goes through 10 trends that can make a home seem outdated.

Home Design: 7 Ideas for a Unique Dining Room


You may not spend a whole lot of time in your dining room, but that's not a reason to let it be forgotten. In this article found on Homify, you can learn 7 various design ideas to make your dinning room stand out. Among some of the designs include playing with colours, blending textures, and mismatching fabrics. 

To learn the tips, read the article here.

How to Make Your Rooms Work as Family Spaces


In this article by Ideal Home, numerous tips are offered for converting rooms to be welcoming and versatile for everyone in the household to love. For the living room, sturdy surfaces are suggested as they can maintain their look when up against hectic family life. In contrast, softer surfaces are recommended in the bedroom to promote slumber. 

You can read about all of the other tips here.

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