Friday Findings - September 22nd Edition

Friday Findings - September 22nd Edition

While last week we took a step into the past, this week we wanted to take a look at interior design trends that have gained popularity over the past few years. We've gathered articles involving slides in homes and offices, the newest decor colour trend for fall, the use of pivot windows in a home, and the fight for the new Amazon headquarters.

Why take the stairs when you can slide down?

image ©  Wiki Commons

Having a slide in an office space has become dreamed upon after discovering that almost all Google offices include a slide (or multiple). In the article we found on Homeedit titled 7 Cool Buildings with Stair Slides And Happy Kids it dives into the plausibility of slides in homes, formal environments, and at other companies. The unique takeaway of this article is that despite imagining a slide as a childlike design, the sleek and slender slides shown throughout the article demonstrate that playfulness and style are not antonyms.

This fall, decor’s deep, rich hues are bolder


Fall is commonly associated with deeper and richer hues of burgundy, orange, yellow and red. This year, things are changing a bit. According to Kim Cook, we'll see trends of dark walls in colours such as dusky blues, plums, gray of all types and black.

To see rooms that are following this new trend and learn more about what to expect in the fall, read the full article here.

Pivot Windows – A Bold Design Statement for Modern Homes

Though not suitable for all regions, pivot windows have been gaining popularity due to their sleek and simplistic look. Individuals that are interested in an indoor and outdoor seamless design, have often been using pivoted windows to achieve the harmony between the two. In this article found on HomeEdit, they discuss the various types of pivot windows that can be installed and how they contribute to the design of the room. 

You can read the full article here.

Amazon’s new HQ: How cities are making their case

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

When Amazon announced its recent interest in creating a new HQ in North America, cities have been scrambling to earn the right to house the new HQ because of its promise to offer approximately 50,000 jobs. The tech giant admitted that it will accept proposals from cities until October 19th.

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