Friday Findings - September 29th Edition

Friday Findings - September 29th Edition

This week we've found the most searched design style in the United States, 15 kitchens to give you design inspiration, 8 of the best prismatic architectural buildings, and discovered how architecture and movies are influenced by each other. 

The Most-Searched Design Style in the United States Is So Unexpected


Despite the popularity around the mid-century model design, according to a Google Trend data report, the most popular style of the moment is Victorian. The company Joybird headed the investigation by building a list of the most popular interior design trends and styles. After their list was compiled, they used Google Trends to cross-reference each of the terms from the past 12 months to determine the popularity of each of the 16 categories. 

You can find out other trends that were popular by reading the full article here.

Outdoor Dining Patio for the 'Cork & Pig Tavern'


Fort Worth's Star-Telegram reported: “Once, a patio was kind of a special feature at a restaurant, but now it almost seems like a requirement. And although there are some exceptions, patios are becoming the rule.” So when the owners of the Texas landmark ‘Cork & Pig Tavern’ were searching in Fort Worth for their newest restaurant location, they selected a corner retail space that gave them the ability to expand and utilize the front of the building as an outdoor dining area. 

View the full project here.

See How Famous Hollywood Films Are Shaping New Architecture in L.A.

image ©  Wiki Commons

image © Wiki Commons

The death-star, batcave, and Hogwarts are just three examples of how movies have given architecture a starring role. Though these constructions were merely built on film lots, other movies have used actual homes and buildings for their heroes and villains. In this article found on Architectural Digest, they highlight real world buildings that were used in movies or inspired by movies; like the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art that bares resemblance to the Star Wars franchise. 

You can read the full article here.

The 8 Best Diamond-Inspired Architecture Around the World

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

When thinking of gemstones, you often think of diamonds. While these buildings can't be sized to fit inside a ring, their prismatic designs have made them architectural gems. The 8 buildings showcased in this article are found all over the world with one in Bibao, Spain, one in Chicago, Illinois, and another in Ontario, Canada. 

To see all 8 of the buildings, read the article here.

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