Friday Findings + What's New this Week on - February 9th Edition

Friday Findings + What's New this Week on - February 9th Edition

This week check out projects by Corro-Sheild International, Barks & Rec, ID Sculpture, & BikeLid LLC. We've also gathered articles about city monuments, remodelling, and modern architecture.

Project Highlights

Corro-Shield International - The Pentagon

The Pentagon-Government Facility-Project-By-Corro-Shield International.jpg

Corro-Shield was selected by the Pentagon after the 9/11 attack because we were the only company with a quick solution for green concrete covering. The contractor commissioned to rebuild the affected area had a mandate to rebuild the Pentagon as fast as possible. View the project here.

Dog Park-Outdoor Recreation-Project-by-BarksandRec.jpg

Barks & Rec - Dog Park

Our client at this property had a lush green space that was going unused. They approached us with a vision for a dog park and we made that a reality for them! We installed aluminum picket style fence with puppy panel at the bottom and dog agility equipment throughout the newly created park. View the project here. 

ID Sculpture - Inspirational Playground


ID Sculpture’s marriage of digital fabrication and handcraft allows us to create products that are unique to your needs while maintaining accurate detail at all scales. 

Throughout the creative process, we use tried and true technology to make sure we’re creating structures and designs that match your expectations. We use laser scanning, Haptic modeling and 3D visualization to test our concepts three-dimensionally. Once a sculpture is approved, we use CNC machines to exactly replicate the approved design. Finally, our talented team of artists hand sculpt and finish the surface. 

This method allows us to work quickly and accurately at a variety of scales while maintaining complete creative control—the options for customization are nearly limitless.  View the project here.


BikeLid LLC - Sacramento North Natomas Library

The patented BikeLid® is the most durable and secure Class 1 bicycle storage in the marketplace. The tough yet lightweight and graffiti resistant polyethylene shell, steel reinforced, secures two full-sized bicycles, providing unrivaled protection from the elements, vandals, and thieves. A BikeLid® bolts to any surface, from earth to concrete.  View the project here

Friday Findings


These Illustrations Reveal What Famous Monuments Could Have Been

image ©  pixabay

image © pixabay

A city’s monuments are integral parts of its metropolitan identity. They stand proud and tall and are often the subject of a few of your vacation photos. It is their form and design which makes them instantly recognizable, but what if their design had turned out differently? In the article on Arch Daily, you find out about the difference in design for the Arc de Triomphe, the Sydney Opera House, Tower Bridge in London, and more. Read the article here.

How to Plan Your Next Remodel Like a Pro (Without Going Nuts in the Process)


Anyone who’s ever tried to manage a remodel can tell you that it’s a huge undertaking. Between trying to stay on time, on budget and on top of a thousand moving parts, it can feel like another full-time job. It’s far from impossible though. In fact, with a little prep work and organization, you can plan a home improvement project like a pro, even if you’ve never tackled one before. Read the article here


The Mental Disorders that Gave Us Modern Architecture


In recent years, several authors and physicians have described the father of modernism, Le Corbusier (1887-1965), the Swiss-French architect, as autistic. Writers, such as the critic and psychiatrist Anthony Daniels, and the biographer Nicholas Fox Weber, have come to the conclusion that the Swiss-French architect met the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They’ve chronicled his impaired social communications, repetitive behaviors, abnormal fixations (including a fascination with concrete), and apparent absence of interest in others. Read the article here.

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