8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Summer

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Summer

While summer is one of the most sought after seasons, it doesn't come without its own list of maintenance tasks to complete before the season begins. In this article we provide a checklist of tasks that should be completed before you begin enjoying the summer sun.

image ©  Andrew Tatlow

image © Andrew Tatlow

1) Find Low Spots

Explore your backyard for low spots that are gathering water. These spots will not only kill your grass but will also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

image ©  PDPhotos

image © PDPhotos

2) Find and Fix Chipped Paint

Over the winter your house may have been exposed to heavy snowfall, hail, or torrential downpours mixed with high winds. If this was the case then it most likely caused some chips in the paint at your house. While fixing the chips may initially seem like a minuscule task, if they are left untreated they can lead to moisture retention and further peeling.

image ©  PDPictures

image © PDPictures

3) Examine Your Deck

Over years of use, eventually some of the nails on your deck may begin to poke up. Before this turns into a pain inducing incident, it can be prevented by an examination of all the surface nails on your deck. You should also consider the condition of the stain on your deck to ensure that it can still repel water. If you're interested in reading more material about deck maintenance and the best type of deck to choose, then read our article How to Get the Deck You Always Wanted.

image ©  Erika Wittlelieb

4) Clean the Dryer Vent

This is often the most overlooked area in the home but poses the most danger since an unclean dryer vent can cause a fire. In order to ensure your vent is clean, when you are drying your clothes you should be able to smell fresh laundry because that means your exhaust is coming out. If you cannot smell anything, that means your exhaust is not working and there are blockages that need to be addressed. 

5) Inspect Your Fencing

While your fence may look stable and secure from a distance, it is important to inspect it because over time it can shift and some parts may even become loose. So doing a quick assessment and reinforcing your fence will ensure that is stays secure.

image ©  MaxPixel

image © MaxPixel

6) Wash the Windows

While the summer still causes your windows to get dirty, having freshly cleaned windows will provide you with a surprising amount of sunlight. 

image ©  PDPictures

image © PDPictures

7) Inspect your Hoses

While most people look forward to sunny days and warm weather, too much of it can cause havoc for your garden. So as you attempt to hydrate it, check your hose for leaks to prevent wasting water. While a leak in your garden hose may be easily spotted, you should check all the hoses in your house for any signs of leaks, cracks, or wear and tear. 

image ©  Alan Levine

image © Alan Levine

8) Clean Your Gutters and Drainage

Lastly, over the winter your gutters and drainpipes most likely accumulated debris which can then cause water to divert to unwanted areas. While you are cleaning, check for bending of the pipe as this can also cause the water to flow undesirably.

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