Friday Findings + What's New this Week on - January 19th Edition

Friday Findings + What's New this Week on - January 19th Edition

This week check out the 3D model by Fi-Foil, and projects by Sno Gem, Universal Window and Door, S-5! Metal Roof Innovations, and SunEarth Inc. We've also gathered articles about New York traffic, Bjarke Ingels' Netflix episode, and technology trends for 2018.

3D Model Highlight

View and download the 3D model  here .

View and download the 3D model here.

Fi-Foil's AA2 Vapor Shield is a multi-layer reflective insulation intended for use on furred-out masonry walls. The inside layer is aluminum foil. The outer layer is natural kraft paper coated with polyethylene, internal expanders separate the paper from the foil creating a 3/8" reflective air space. When installed on furring strips spaced 16" or 24" on center, a second reflective air space is formed. This air space is dependent upon the thickness of the furring strip selected. AA2 Vapor Shield is available in Standard & High-perm versions or perforated for applications not requiring a vapor retarder. AA2 is also available with either a staple or tape-tab for wood and metal framing respectively.


Project Highlights

Sno Gem - Red Roof Inn Hotel


Sno Gem recently provided the snow retention system for a Red Roof Inn hotel in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The Sno Gem 1” Sno Blockade clamp-to-seam snow retention system was chosen for the standing seam metal roof. View the project here.


Universal Window and Door - Stoneleigh Condominiums


Erected in 1817 and expanded in 1850, the former Norfolk County Jail (which once housed Sacco and Vanzetti) was converted into 24 luxury condominiums. The granite structure features Gothic Revival windows and Universal was able to provide a wide range of window solutions, incorporating the 600 Projected/Casement, 400 Fixed, 400 Double Hung, and 1199 Arch Series to replicate the original design.  View the project here.


S-5! Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. - Gemini Observatory Solar Array


The engineering team and contractors studied conditions atop Mauna Kea mountain calculating the strength it would take to keep the array secured to the observatory’s metal roof. The group considered the available clamp options and S-5! was the pick. According to Gemini Lead Engineer Chas Cavedoni, “We chose S-5! clamps because they met the demanding specs of this installation and had independent test data to back it up.” The project requirements included the ability to withstand winds up to 163 mph generating more than 50 psf of uplift force. It was also mandatory that the clamps be able to maintain their integrity for the full 35-year lifespan of the PV panels. View the project here.


SunEarth Inc. - Wheaton College


In August 2017, Wheaton College’s Haas Athletic Center leveraged an $89,600 dollar rebate from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water Program to install solar hot water collector. The system uses a 1,248 square foot array of SunEarth Flat Plate Collectors, installed by Renewable Energy Systems, to heat the athletic center’s indoor Olympic sized pool and locker room with showers and restrooms that is used by the athletes. The system is expected to save the school $30,000 while reducing carbon and saving up to 3,912 therms per year. Finally, the system’s design allows either the pool or the hot water supply to be heated to different temperatures depending on weather conditions, which will greatly increase energy efficiency.  View the project here.

Friday Findings

How to Get New York Moving Again


The average vehicle speed in Midtown today is just 4.7 miles an hour. That’s 28 percent slower than five years ago. Given that most people can walk up to 4 miles an hour, the human body is sometimes Manhattan’s fastest mode of transportation. In this opinion piece found on the New York Times, David Leonhardt, explores why New York is moving slowly and how to speed it up. Read the article here.

Bjarke Ingels to be featured in new Netflix series on design and architecture. 

On February 10 2017, Netflix will launch a new documentary series—Abstract: The Art of Design—which will present "the most creative designers" from different fields in the design word, with the goal of demonstrating how design influences all aspects of our lives. One of the eight protagonists in the spotlight will be Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, of BIG, who will present his vision of architecture alongside professionals in interior design, graphic design, automotive design, illustration, and set design. See the list of other designers that are part of the series here

5 Emerging Careers in Architecture Technology to Look Out for in 2018 and Beyond

image ©  Doncio

image © Doncio

Positions such as Chief Technology Officer, Immersive Reality Modelers, Virtual Simulation Designers, Haptic Interface Designers, and Data Scientists/Analysts are expected to become more widely known in the coming years. You can learn what each position entails here

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Mistakes Immediately Discovered After the Building was Constructed

Mistakes Immediately Discovered After the Building was Constructed