7 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Synthetic Grass

7 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Synthetic Grass

While synthetic grass is traditionally used on major league sport fields, it is perhaps one of the most controversial topics when it comes to landscaping at home. There is a divide between individuals on whether or not to use synthetic grass since it offers many benefits but also comes with some disadvantages. In this article we highlight the positive side of installing synthetic grass for sports fields, home landscape projects, and at parks. 

1) Saves Water

Unlike natural grass, turf doesn't need water to maintain it's lustre. In fact, compared to a regular grass field that needs approximated 50,000 gallons per week during growing season, turf only receives the natural rain. 

image ©  Forever Lawn

image © Forever Lawn

2) More Hours of Play

One of the biggest challenges with natural turf is that it can't withstand a long duration of play. Eventually patches will form and the ground will become uneven or perhaps even unsafe to play on. While synthetic turf needs an occasional break, it can survive longer hours of play which makes it an ideal choice for schools that are looking to host tournaments. 

image ©  Perfect Turf

image © Perfect Turf

3) Lower Maintenance Costs

Perhaps  one of the most debated benefits of turf is the maintenance associated with it. Some believe that the initial cost becomes a return on investment since less maintenance is needed on the ground.  Others believe that just because the synthetic turf doesn't undergo maintenance like regular grass (watering, mowing, pulling weeds), the turf still needs to be repaired, vacuumed, and refilled. These maintenance actions actually result in higher costs than grass. 

image ©  SYNLawn

image © SYNLawn

4) Environmentally Conscious

While there are multiple issues with synthetic turf that lead to the validity of the product being entirely environmentally conscious, some believe that since the turf doesn't need to use chemicals to function then it is helping the environment. 

image ©  Field Turf

image © Field Turf

5) Effective Drainage

Unlike regular grass that can cause delays of use due to rain making the ground unsuitable for a tournament, synthetic turf quickly dries because of its excellent drainage. While it is not instantaneous, the field is easily usable after rain or when washed. 

image ©  Heavenly Greens

6) Decrease of Mud Puddles

Having patches of mud not only looks unsightly but also poses a safety risk to players on the field. Luckily, the efficient drainage with synthetic grass means that there will not be puddles of water or mud on the field. 

7 ) Grounds Always Look Manicured

While some don't mind spending an afternoon curating the lawn to make it look picture perfect, others don't want to be bothered with the maintenance involved in making the lawn look clean. So for those that don't want to delegate their time towards the task, synthetic grass is a solution as it will always look perfectly manicured for minimal effort. 

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