The Best Water Feature for Your Backyard

The Best Water Feature for Your Backyard

When it comes to selecting a water feature, there are numerous options available. This can make it difficult to narrow down the best kind of water feature for your backyard or your client's. That's why we've created this guide which outlines the various installation methods, water pressures, materials, and the types of fountains available for a water feature.

Installation & Location

Before you decide the style of fountain you want, it's important to consider the various installation methods. Do you want a standalone fountain? A water structure that becomes part of a play pad? One that can be inserted into a new or existing structure? A fixed or portable fountain? 

By deciding where you'd like your fountain installed, you can then begin to consider the various types of fountains available for your area. 

Types of Fountains

When it comes to choosing a water feature, there is an assortment of different styles available. Below we've highlighted the most common styles of fountains that are suitable for a backyard.

Ceramic Vase Fountains

These fountains are traditionally portable, easy to install, and allow for design variety with the landscaping surrounding the fountain.

They also have low operating costs since the pumps are generally smaller and there is less electricity needed to have the water flow.

As for maintenance, you'll need to replace evaporated water manually or you can typically install an automatic fill valve that can eliminate that. 


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Tiered Column fountains

 If you are interested in variant water sounds, and drowning out the sound of your neighbours, then a tiered column fountain is ideal.

This fountain style does require a larger space and must accommodate for water splashing over the sides. 


Bubbling Fountains


If your backyard has limited space, then a bubbling fountain is an excellent choice. The fountain can be as little as you'd like and can be placed on patios or decks. 

Regardless of the size of the fountain chosen, they are known to relieve stress and create a more relaxing environment.


Cascading Waterfall

When considering a cascading waterfall, you can choose one that is standalone or one that trickles into your pool. It's important to decide where you want it installed first, as this will determine the size and scope of the project. 

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Spouting Fountain

A spouting fountain is a unique structure for the backyard and there are two common types. The first is a standalone decorative sculpture with minimal spray. Typically the fountain takes form of an animal in a playful pose 'spitting' water out of its mouth. The second kind is a fully integrated fountain that spouts water into a pool. 

The direction of the spout is dependent on the structure and can either be vertically or horizontally spouting.

Water Pressure


Now that you've got your location and fountain selected, the next part to consider is the water pressure. If you're using your fountain as an aerating method, then you'd need to consider high-volume fountains. If you are using your fountain as a decorative addition to your backyard, then you'd need to consider a fountain that has high-pressure.  Some fountains may include adaptable parts that can adjust the water pressure, while others will remain fixed. It's important to check out your fountain's specifications before purchasing if you are interested in an adaptable fountain. 



Fountains are commonly made out of a material such as stainless steel, aluminum, cast stone, ceramic, or metal. Depending on the manufacturer you select, in some cases, manufacturer's may offer the same fountain style in a variety of materials or different finishes. This is useful when trying to blend your fountain into your already established landscape.



Landscaping Around Water Features


While you want your water feature to be the main focal point, it's important to also consider landscaping around the water feature. Having your water feature visible from multiple focal points is ideal as it enhances the level of relaxation in the area. In some instances, individuals even choose to combine features. 

Ultimately, whether you're choosing a water feature for your backyard or your client's, it's important to understand the reasons behind wanting the water feature as it will influence . Is it because of the sound of water gently trickling over rocks? Maybe it's the look of bubbling jets? Understanding the intent for installing a water feature, will help with a successful installation.

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