When to Opt for Pipe Piling and What are its Benefits?

Pipe piling has gained popularity and momentum for being one of the most effective load-bearing pilings. In the civil construction industry, this is the way to go about laying deep structure foundations.

Pipe piling involves a ready steel pipe structure being pushed into the soil with large impact hammers or machines called pile drivers. These piles get fixed into their place due to friction with the soil. The pile designs and systems vary as per the soil conditions and the support required, but they are adaptable to different needs. The fact that these pipe piles are made of steel makes them the best for bearing heavy loads.  

Let’s understand the types of pipe piling so you have a better understanding of them and their benefits.

1. Unplugged Open-Ended


These type of open ended pipes need the ground level to be the same inside and outside the pipe, after installation. The soil bears its load due to friction.

2. Bottom Plate


This is a common plugged pile and in a bottom plate pile, the lower end of the pile is welded to a steel plate. The steel plate creates a compression and increases the friction to decrease any sliding or slipping. This one is best used on rocky and rough terrains where there is very little soil between the pile and the surface.

3. Steel Pipe with Rock Shoe


This is another common plugged pile. The rock shoe in these pipes have the same purpose as steel plates but the only difference is that these are used only when the pile is in direct contact with a rocky surface. To prevent any sliding or slipping on the rocky surface, it is important for the equipped shoe to support the entire load.

4. Plugged Open-Ended


These types of piles have a plug at the bottom of the pipe which ensures that the soil inside the pipe is of the exact amount lower than the soil outside the pipe.

5. Franki Pipe Pile


These are meant to be more permanent and are meant to bear stronger impact and load than the rest of pipe piles.

Benefits of Pipe Piling

  • One of the main benefits of a pipe pile is the same as its main function i.e. it is the best suited pile to bear large loads and provide deep foundation.

  • Pipe piles which are meant for deep foundation structural support, can come in many options. Although, steel pipe is the most suitable because it is the most customisable, meaning that it can be altered to meet the exact load measurements and specifications.

  • Due to the option of customising according to requirements and specifications, the cost is much more affordable than other piles. You don’t need to spend unnecessary money and will spend on only what you need. Not only are they the more affordable choice, they are also easier to install.

  • Further, they are also easier to inspect and test for safety before they get installed. This is not so easy in other piles.

  • Another major benefit of pipe piles is that they are easier to add AFTER construction than its counterparts.

  • Another major benefit is that they do not crack that easily during the driving process and hence have one of the lowest replacement costs.

  • They can be installed in limited overhead spaces as well.


Pipe piles are a great way to achieve a strong and sturdy foundation especially with heavy load structures. They can be positioned into the ground with the help of a hydraulic ram, till they reach a point of resistance. They are one of the best and most popular options in the construction industry for heavy load support. They are very cost effective and safe and so are extremely popular. Structures can also be releveled by using pipe piles. The foundation can be lifted before the pile is connected to the foundation. Seeing the many benefits of the pipe piles, in terms of strength, quality and cost, it seems like the best choice of pile when it comes to achieving long lasting and quality foundation for structures.

Author Bio : Geobond have been providing full design and build services for piles since 1994. With over 60 years’ experience in the construction industry, they strive to provide their customers with efficient and effective solutions for pile foundations for any property. Images provided by Geobond.

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