5 Home Improvement Tips for Autumn

5 Home Improvement Tips for Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season. It’s the best time to indulge in pumpkin spice-flavored comfort food, go apple-picking, go for a hike, and enjoy some autumn scenery. At the same time, fall is also a great time to roll up your sleeves and perform some important home improvement projects!

Before the days get much colder and snow makes repair and building work a lot more difficult, you should start addressing problems around your home as soon as you can. Here are some tips to keep your home beautiful, functional and comfortable this autumn:


Spruce up your main entrance.

Updating your entryway is a quick and easy way to improve your home exterior. It can be as simple as repainting your front door which should not take an entire afternoon. If you want something warm and inviting, use a yellow paint. Want a more calming effect? Blue or green are ideal. If you want it energetic and vibrant, choose from the shades of orange or red. Choose color schemes that are suited to your home’s architectural style. If you’re up for more of a challenge, consider replacing your front door. With so many designs and styles to choose from, you will definitely find the right front door for your home. But regardless of the design, you want to give a high regard for energy-efficiency, security and durability.


Watch out for mold build-up.

As the weather gets colder and damper, your home becomes an ideal place for mold build-up. Mold can grow anywhere – underneath your carpet, around your shower caulking, on the walls, floors, etc. Not only does it damage your home, mold build-up also exposes your family to various health problems, including allergies and respiratory illnesses. An inexpensive way to prevent mold infestation this autumn is to install dehumidifiers in your home, especially in areas where moisture is relatively high such as the kitchen, bathroom and basement. Aside from mold, dehumidifiers are also great at reducing mildew and dust mites – common household allergy triggers.


Winter-proof your roof.

While the weather is still bearable, it is high time that you address any issue with your roof. When winter strikes, it can be difficult (even for professionals) to do roof repair. Make a thorough inspection of your roofing system. Are the gutters clean? Are there any missing or chipped shingles? After a heavy rain, go up into the attic to check for possible leaks, water intrusion or warping. If there’s any, call professionals to have it fixed right away. Cleaning the gutters will also save you from possibly spending thousands of dollars fixing problems with your home foundation.


Keep your lawn well-maintained.

Autumn means added yard work. A carpet of colorful leaves may look nice but they aren’t good for your grass. They could also become a breeding ground for mold, pests and insects. Schedule a weekly lawn cleanup to rake fallen leaves and remove other debris. Don’t skip on your other routine lawncare work, such as cutting grass and watering plants. Many people tend to skip watering in the fall as the weather gets cooler. However, leaving it up to nature may not be enough to keep your foliage healthy. Don’t forget to loosen the soil too. This should prevent the soil from being deprived of nutrients.


Make your home cozier and more inviting.

It’s getting cold. Why not warm up your home? The autumn season is the perfect time to make your home interior cozier and more comfortable. Start by replacing your windows with energy-efficient models. Consider adjusting the lighting. Go for soft lighting choices, including an overhead lighting and a chandelier that is dimmer. Rugs are also a great way to add warmth, texture and color to your living room or bedroom. Adding some wooden accents is a great idea too. Don’t forget chair cushions! They make any dining room feel cozy and comfy. Some people like mixing old and new styles for an even cozier appeal. Be bold. Be creative. It only takes a few furnishings and accents to spruce up your home interior.


There are some projects that are best done in certain seasons. This fall, consider these five essential home improvement projects. From sprucing up your entryway to preventing the risk of mold, winterproofing your roof, keeping up with lawn care, and making your home interior warmer and cozier – you will definitely enjoy spending more time at home this autumn. These improvement tips are also a great way to enhance the value of your home.

This article was written by Megan Jones. She’s a writer working with b-air.com and an interior designer of residential and commercial spaces, striving to inform people how to design unique interiors.

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