Creating an Inclusive Playspace

In recent years there has been a growing demand for more inclusive playgrounds. Landscape Structures suggests that"In order to create a truly inclusive playground, it not only needs to be accessible, but also age and developmentally appropriate and stimulating to the senses."  Below you will find ways to make a playground inclusive and fun for children of all abilities. 

Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

Coming home after a long day full of stress needs to be rewarded with relaxation. Many people have recognized their need to relax and have transformed their bathroom into a home spa. We've gathered a variety of tips that will help you easily transform your bathroom into your own spa.

2016 Best in Design

At the beginning of the year we made predictions about what trends in architecture and design we would see in 2016. Surprisingly almost all of our predictions came true and a few are even featured on this list! When compiling our list of the top projects of 2016, we considered what the top trends in architecture were throughout the year and chose one project that we felt most highlighted each trend.  

Are Slides the New Stairs?

Since Google popularized slides into their office spaces, it started a trend for slides in newly developed offices for many tech and media companies. The hype for slides, however, hasn't stopped at just offices. Today slides are popping up almost everywhere including shopping malls and universities!

Is Social Media Affecting Architecture?

Social media surrounds us daily. People are snapping pictures for Instagram, pinning their ideas on Pinterest, voicing their opinions on Twitter, and using the chat tool on Facebook as a way to communicate with companies. Can it influence architecture though? Most definitely. We've compiled a list of ways that social media can not only influence architecture of the future but can also inspire and help current architects.

The Most Overlooked Areas in Your Home

When you are designing or redesigning your home, you already have an idea of how you want each room to look. You’ve thought about layouts that will accentuate your furniture or paintings that will go perfect with your aesthetic. Unfortunately, you've probably forgot to consider these most overlooked areas in your home.

Greening the City: Unearthing the Urban Garden Movement

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 2.3 million Americans live in food deserts - urban areas that do not have convenient access to fresh produce. In many of these areas, individuals have easier access to fast food and junk food than to healthy choices.  Let’s take a look at three inspiring and innovative solutions from around the world for growing food in urban environments - underground, on rooftops and in the sky.