All Aboard Apple's Spaceship


It has been nearly a year since Apple announced at their 2016 product launch event that future 2017 product launches would take place at their new headquarters located in Cupertino, California. While the building is still under construction, new aerial footage and detailed floor plans have been released and have us all wishing to board the "mothership."

This Breakthrough Material is 10 Times Stronger than Steel

Engineers at MIT have been working hard to create one of the strongest and lightest materials in existence. They may be able to stop searching with the latest discovery of graphene. This material was first discovered by a physics professor and his PhD student in a laboratory in Manchester, using a piece of graphite and some Scotch tape. Now it is presenting possibilities for use across multiple industries.

Can Your Office Building Generate More Power Than it Uses?

According to Emil Eriksrod of R8 Properties, the 11-story office building projected to open in Porsgrunn, Norway, will be not only sustainable but also able to produce more power than it consumes. It will be the first of its kind in the country and Eriksrod said he "hopes we will be plagiarized and copied, replicated in all seven continents," - a statement not expressed by many developers.

Will Robots Replace Architects?

In recent years artificial intelligence has changed the workforce. Restaurants have started using machines that can take orders instead of waitresses, insurance companies are using it to provide quotes on premiums, and hospitals are considering it as a method for diagnosis. As artificial intelligence becomes alarmingly popular the important question gets asked - can it actually replace a human?

Trump Security by the Numbers

Today is the day that Mr. Donald Trump goes from being just a businessman to also being the President of the United States. As the inauguration approaches, we take a look at the security measures that are in place to keep Trump safe.