Plans for US / Mexico Border Wall Moving Forward

When President Trump mentioned building a wall along the United States border with Mexico, it became a controversial campaign pledge that resulted in various reactions. While most people didn't take him serious, others have considered the possibility that Trump would follow through on his promise. Recent developments show that those that believed he was serious were correct and it's causing turmoil for architects. 

Why Some of The World's Most Famous Towers Lean

Like many of the leaning towers seen today, the most famous leaning tower in the world - the Tower of Pisa, wasn't intentionally designed to be a leaning tower. This article explores the variety of factors that cause towers to lean and offers insight to the ways that they are restored to a straighter position.

A Rose That Can Last As Long As Time?

With the upcoming release of the live action Beauty and the Beast, many have revived their love for the Disney classic and their interest in the enchanted rose. I mean, how can a rose last that long when most show signs of wilting within a few days? Well, one company may have the answer. 

Ways to Make Bicycle Lanes Safer

When considering current road safety, cyclists face a higher risk of fatal crashes and road related injuries than motorists. That is why in recent years there has been a focus on making roads more compatible with cyclists. Below you will learn about bicycle lane improvements that can increase the safety and comfort of cyclists.

Is Your Home Ready for Multi-generational Living?

In recent years multi-generational living has become increasingly popular. Due to this shift in living arrangements, there has been more demand for houses that are accessible or adaptable to the growing needs of different individuals. In this article we will highlight ways you can make your house suitable for all ages and adaptable for the aging population. 

Can a Cluttered Home Affect You?

Ever find yourself sitting on your couch beside a stack of clothes you said you'd fold yesterday? How about struggling to close the cabinet that has canned goods competing for escape? While these individual scenarios seem harmless, over time the clutter can affect you in numerous ways.