Can City Design Help Mental Health?

Individuals residing in cities are more likely to develop a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia than those that live in rural areas. When individuals are suffering from a mental health illness, it affects more than just the individual - it impacts their surroundings as well.

Thinking of a Bay Window?

Spring is here which means flowers will be blooming, bees will be buzzing, grass will be turning greener and the sun will shine brighter.  It also means that soon individuals will be thinking about the home renovations they want to achieve this year. While some decisions may be easily decided, others like whether or not to install a bay window take more research. This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of bay windows to help you along with your research. 

A New Kind of Leaf Discovered?

Since the introduction of wind turbines they've been met with hostility over their appearance and function. Many have criticized them for being too large, unsightly, and too noisy for their property. Luckily, French firm New Wind has re-imagined the turbine and made it more desirable. 

What Recess Looks Like Around the World

Recess is undoubtedly the favourite part of the school day for a child. They enjoy the ability to be active and interact with their fellow classmates. Whether the children are participating in a game of hopscotch or exploring the outdoors, their recess is an integral part to childhood development. In this article we take a look at not only what recess looks like around the world but also the differences in activities that children partake in.

It's Time To Rethink the Garage

Unless your a car enthusiast, you've probably overlooked all of the potential presented with a garage. You may see it as just a room tacked onto the side of the house with the only purpose being to protect a car. Well, we want you to see that it can be more than that. 

Has the Greenest House of All Been Built?

While there are various materials you can use to make your house environmentally friendly, a vigorous process needs to be completed in order to have a truly green home licensed by the Living Building Challenge. The home must identify as having net-zero energy and water, must pass 20 imperatives in seven performance areas - place, water, energy, health and happiness, materials, equity, and beauty and maintain this criteria for more than a year. 

The End of Icy Runways?

The winter can make a mess out of everything - especially airports. Flights can be delayed or cancelled if there's ice on the plane wings or blocking the runway. While there has yet to be a new method introduced for clearing the airplane wings of ice, an Iowa State University team may have the answer for runways free of ice.

Will These Be the New Habitats on Mars?

NASA's goal is to have humans on Mars in the 2030's. While this seems far away, multiple preparations need to be made before the launch. So in preparation of the big event, NASA has been conducting experiments about what life will be like on mars by simulating the conditions on earth. Recently students at the University of Calgary have been researching the best habitats possible and may have found the one. 

How are the Suburbs Changing?

A few years ago if you asked someone what success looked like they would recite the American Dream - large house, white picket fence, and freshly manicured lawns. Now the ideals about success have transformed as people are changing the way they shop, where they eat, and what they want in their homes. If these trends continue it will be the end of suburbia as we know it. 

Do We Need More Smart Cities?

While many think that a smart city means having an abundance of technology to assist with daily tasks, we aren't exclusively discussing smart technology as a way to build a smart city. Instead, we are talking about how to transform the city by understanding what the citizens need to get out of the city and making sure that those tools are provided to meet their needs.