5 Tips for Your Garage Remodelling

5 Tips for Your Garage Remodelling

Many homeowners have not only remodeled the interior parts of their homes but have extended this exciting experience to include their outdoor spaces. One such area to remodel is the garage. Due to the popularity of utility vehicles and sizeable homes, many homeowners have explored plans to create the garage of their dreams.

Homeowners remodel their garages for different reasons, but one common goal is to have additional space. There is so much extra space can offer, from laundry areas, children playing space, and workrooms.

So, do you employ the DIY approach, or hire a proficient professional to handle the project? Well, this will depend on some factors. For example, are you an expert yourself? How big is the plan? The two have their pros and cons, but regardless of the approach, do some research before engaging in this venture to ensure you get the suitable garage for your family. The tips below will help you achieve a fantastic garage to fit your home and lifestyle.

Lighting, Insulation, and Wiring

image ©  pexels

image © pexels

 A finished garage can become a working space, play space, or a private den.  Focus on details to get the desired look for your comfort. Consider the following to achieve this:

● Create a clear path for airflow from soffit vents to roof vents by installing vent chutes between roof trusses. Use wood or plastic to block blow-in insulation.

● Ensure the attic is well ventilated by installing vent chutes between the trusses.

● Consider filling the stud places with friction-fit fiberglass glass, to cover the ceiling and walls with a vapor retarder and blowing insulation into the attic after the ceiling drywall is placed.

● Invest in good lighting for maximum results. A single, 4-foot shop light will often offer ample lighting if you only need to park your car and leave. Spending time in your garage for other activities will require task lighting to avoid the hot, overhead lighting.

Garage Doors

image © Cary Peterson via  Flickr

image © Cary Peterson via Flickr

Garage doors range in budget and style. Analyze the purpose of the garage door before investing in a particular entry.

For instance, consider up-and –over design doors that face the driveway if you intend to spend a lot of time working in the garage. These doors remain in an up motion for a natural breeze to flow into the garage.

Ensure you keep your garage door in perfect condition by hiring professional garage door inspection and maintenance every 24 months. You can also look for an expert to repair a garage door when it is faulty.

Also, check your garage service door to ensure that it has good weather stripping and tight threshold seal at the bottom of the door to regulate heating and cooling costs. Faulty doors let in a draft that leads to high heating and cooling costs.

Maximize on Space to Replace Services You Pay for

image ©  pexels

image © pexels

Ensuring you get adequate space in your garage goes a long way into saving money. For example, you can use this space as an office, a gym, or a studio. These are all services you probably pay for on a regular.

You can buy gym equipment and have them installed in the garage to cut out the money spent paying for the gym. Build a home theater, and enjoy relaxing family time, away from the rest of the world.

You can also use the garage as a storage space. Many homeowners don’t have basements and attics, and storage areas run out. A garage offers the perfect space for storage, but for this to work out; you will have to build a well-planned garage remodel.  You risk having your items all over the area with bad remodel, which beats the purpose.

There are so many ways to use your garage space for the kind of experience you need.

Plan Properly and Establish your Budget

image ©  Pixabay

image © Pixabay

Determine what you need to follow it through.  A rule of thumb is to ensure that you emphasize function over style. Also, evaluate your financial flow and make a realistic budget.  Garage remodels involve a lot of add-ons, which cost money. Remodeling often requires new walls, rerouting plumbing and electrical wires, installing vents and other necessary add-ons.  All this is essential if your goal is to have a comfortable, livable space. 

Make estimates for the entire project on the higher end of the spectrum, to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Hire a Reputable Experienced Professional

 High-end remodels increase home value. That said, you need to hire a company that specializes in high-end models.  Ensure that the prospect is licensed, insured and bonded. The professionals should be diligent in offering the kind of service you need. Inexperienced professionals do shoddy work, costing you on fixes.


Having the garage of your dreams may not be as complicated as you think. All you need is proper planning and know just what you need, and you will soon have that space.

Author Bio: Ross Geller is a working Designer and passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. He has been working with Elite Garage which provides garage door repair. Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.

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