8 of the Most Walkable Cities

8 of the Most Walkable Cities

In order for a city to be successful it must have two things: a sufficient transportation system and walkability. While most cities continuously adapt and reimagine their transportation systems, few  reconsider the walkability of the streets as the city continues to grow. In this article, we're taking a look at 8 cities around the world that have received a walk score  of 60 or above.

1. San Francisco, California, United States of America


Although San Francisco is mostly known for its beauty, bridges, Victorian architecture, and hilly landscape, it should really be known for its walkability. San Francisco received a score of 86, which ranks it within the top three percentile for walkability according to Walk Score.  

2. Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America


Although it scores below San Francisco, Boston still achieves a high walkscore of 81. Contributing to the walkscore would be the fact that most of Boston was built during a time when people mostly relied on walking to get around the city. 

3. Sydney, Australia


Since Sydney has a mild climate, thriving arts scene, and proximity to great beaches, you'd expect the walkscore to rank higher. The city received a score of 61 which places it as the highest walkable area in Australia, but only moderately walkable compared to other cities in the United States and Canada.

4. Chicago, Illinois, United States of America


Chicago received a high score of 77.8 because of its pedestrian-friendly downtown and numerous neighbourhoods that are easily connected to each other through its transportation systems.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Vancouver is known for its lively downtown, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods, green spaces, and thriving economy. It achieved a walkscore of 78 which makes it Canada's most walkable city.

6. Miami, Florida, United States of America


Recently joining the other cities fighting cars, every month the mayor of Miami closes major roads to cars in order to give walkers and bikers the free reign of the city. The city achieved a walkscore of 79 this year but with it's drive towards reducing cars from the city, the score may rise next year.

7. Toronto, Ontario, Canada


With the city's growing economy, Toronto has become known as a boom town that is experiencing a tremendous amount of new construction and renovation. With plenty of attractions like the CN tower, and the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto scores a walkability ranking of 71.

8. New York City, New York, Unites States of America


New York City is commonly associated with crowds of people walking to their destinations. That's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that it places first as the most walkable city with a score of 89.2. It's common for New Yorkers to not have cars or even learn how to drive. In New York walking is made easy because of the dense urban amenities and excellent public transportation system. 

Source: Walk Score

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