Concealed Doorways Are The Latest Trend In Home Design

Concealed Doorways Are The Latest Trend In Home Design

When you were a kid, you always wanted to have a secret place no one would ever find. Now, every time you hear about “Alice in Wonderland” and its mysterious passages, you’re reminded of this childish dream. With the concealed door trend happening in interior design, this desire for a secret space can now be satisfied. In addition to offering a hidden area, a concealed door has many other advantages such as: you can save space in a room, hide a passage to a cabinet from the guest’s eyes, or just have fun on Halloween. Read on for more benefits of a concealed doorway and inspiration.

Advantages of a Concealed Door

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

The representative of Home Depot, the company offering different solutions for house maintenance, noticed that concealed entries have become extremely popular recently. The expert explains that they started offering Murphy Doors 3 years ago and the demand was even higher than they expected. He admits that concealed passages are extremely popular in metropolises. Such a situation is a result of obvious benefits this type of door provides:

  • A concealed entry is a great solution for small home design. For example, if your room isn’t large and there’s no space for shelves, pictures or your personal staff, you can select a secret door. Hang these things on a door and that is how you’ll obtain more space in your room;

  • It’s easy to hang a door of this type and create a concealed passage. People may think that it’s harder to cope with a heavy interior designs element but it’s not. This door has an ordinary frame and customer don’t face any problems when mounting it and making a concealed doorway;

  • Concealed interior doorways ideas come up with a range of prices starting at $ 850 up to $ 1, 750. You can choose a cheaper door with shelves, storage or any other decor depending on your family budget;

  • Real estate agents admit that a concealed entry may increase the price of a house. Doors with hidden storage or shelves are an effective solution nowadays and people are ready to pay for comfort;

  • A concealed door isn’t always storage or hanger for shelves. You can adjust a mirror and it will be not only a space-saving practical solution but also a nice way to make the next room concealed. Some house owners like to have fun and mount this element of decor on a bathroom door. They say that often guests need some time to find a concealed room but they like the idea when they realize where it is;

  • Shelves with doors with concealed space are a wonderful place to hide personal things and collections. It’s like a strongbox for valuable papers, jewellery, gems, etc.

As you see, a hidden door isn’t only a creative solution but also a nice storage option. The ideas may vary according to your needs and imagination. We can only recommend a few thoughts concerning doors for inspiration.

Concealed Doorway Interior Designs Ideas

images ©  Pexels

images © Pexels

If you have what to hide from the guest’s eyes or just want to save some space, a concealed doorway is a number 1 solution for you. It’s a creative touch in your home interior designs and the thing that will always make people be curious about what’s behind this door. Here are some ideas for your concealed entry:

A door with shelves for books and different decor elements. Paint the walls and door with one color to get a concealed passage to another room;

  • Concealed secret storage for bathroom tools, coin collections, wine, and other staff. You can purchase or make doors with hidden sections inside;

  • A concealed doorway under the stairs. You can hide the entrance to a wardrobe or basement by installing a door that looks like shelves for shoes for example;

  • A door with the color and texture of the walls. This concealed entrance will be hidden from guests and no one ever will understand that you have a secret room;

  • A hidden door in a kitchen looking like a sideboard for dishes;

  • If you have a niche in a wall but don’t have a working space, you can install the door and organize a cozy concealed place. Choose colors matching the entire room designs and no one will ever guess where you fulfill your everyday tasks.

Need more inspirational ideas to select a door variation? Install home design apps and you’ll find hundreds of tips, concepts, and trends in interior decor. With such a program, you’ll be able to make any dream come true and create a concealed passage through secret doors to a hidden room.

The Conclusion

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

Modern interior design tools and a variety of decor products give vast opportunities to us today. A concealed entry is the latest trend and there are many reasons why due to its functionality and benefits. You can use this door to save some space in a room or hide a cabinet from everybody depending on your purpose. Do you have a concealed passage in your house or maybe you have your own doorway ideas? Share with us.

Author’s bio: Sophia Clark is an interior designer from Washington. Sophia has more than 15 years of experience in the sphere and she loves unordinary solutions for home decor. She likes to travel around the world and collect ideas coming from different cultures and traditions.

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