Do You Know How Vast The AEC Industry Really Is?

Do You Know How Vast The AEC Industry Really Is?

Over the past couple of months CADdetails has had the exciting opportunity to work with some amazing bloggers and guest post on their incredible blogs. This experience of working with various industry bloggers has provided insight on just how vast the AEC industry is!  In this article we've highlighted our guest posts because we want to inform you of other industry blogs and introduce you to some of the various topics that exist within the AEC industry. We know there are many more topics left to explore and we hope you'll continue to join us as we explore them on our blog.

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

5 Tips for Outdoor Landscape Design

Designing a landscape is more than just planting a few trees and tending to a flower garden. It’s all about considering ways to achieve a harmonious atmosphere between the outdoors and the built environment. This guest post featured on Delgado Stone's blog shares 5 tips that can help you design an ideal landscape. You can read it here

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

What Trends Lead to Successful Dog Parks?

When considering a move to a new city, dog owners will often seek out the nearest dog park within their vicinity. Owners are finding, however, that just because there are dog parks available – it doesn’t mean they are good. Discover what elements make a dog park memorable in our guest post featured on Dog-On-Its blog here.

image ©  PIxabay

image © PIxabay

Planing for your Hot Tub or Pool Surround

Before immediately replacing a pool or hot tub surround it’s important to consider all the design choices that can impact the longevity, safety, and aesthetic value of it. You want to ensure that the surround will not only satisfy the homeowner but also exceed their expectations. So how do you pick a surround with such high standards? Read our guest post featured on Duradek's blog here.

image ©  WIki Commons

image © WIki Commons

How Will Infrastructure Evolve in the Next Few Years?

In the near future there will be a spike in autonomous vehicles, technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Each of these advancements will change the existing infrastructure and create a demand for change in not only the designs but also the skills required to build and maintain the infrastructure of the future.  Learn about the 6 ways that infrastructure is intended to evolve in our guest post featured on Kryton's blog here

image ©  MaxPixel

image © MaxPixel

Eight Things You Need To Know About Aeration

When looking at a fountain or aerator in a lake or a pond, you’re more likely to focus on the aesthetics than recognize how the system is working to benefit the pond. In this guest post found on Kasco Marine's blog we highlight the benefits that you should know about aeration and how important it is to a body of water. You can read the article here.

image ©  Wiki Commons

image © Wiki Commons

The 6 Benefits of Synthetic Turf

One of the most common debates against synthetic grass is simply that it is not natural grass. While there is no disputing this fact, this guest post featured on Artificial Turf Supply's blog will highlight all of the benefits that synthetic grass offers. You can read the article here.

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

Wastewater Solutions

Regardless of how the wastewater develops, proper treatment of it is critical. In this guest post featured on Air-O-Lator's blog, you can learn the importance of treatment of wastewater. Read the article here.  

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