Have You Seen These 8 Nautically Inspired Buildings?

Have You Seen These 8 Nautically Inspired Buildings?

Architects from all over the world have took to the seas for inspiration for some coastal buildings. Most commonly mimicking the shape of sails and waves, while occasionally even pulling inspiration from boats. In this article we take a look at 8 buildings that have been designed with nautical inspiration.

1. Burj Al Arab - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Resembling a J-class yacht, the iconic Burj Al Arab is isolated on a man-made island, and was designed by architect Tom Wright.

2. The Quadracci Pavilion - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

image ©  Wiki Commons

image © Wiki Commons

Located at the MIlwaukee Art Museum is the Quadracci Pavilion which was designed by Santiago Calatrava to look like a boat's prow. 

3. IAC Building - New York

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Architect Frank Gehry designed the IAC Building with a twisting clear and white glass facade which closely resembles billowing sails on a yacht.

4. Kobe Maritime Museum - Kobe, Japan


The Maritime Museum exterior features white steel latticework to resemble three wind-filled sails. Inside the museum, guests will find the history and future of the sea, ships, and ports.

5. Canada Place - Vancouver, British Columbia


Occasionally compared to the Sydney Opera House, Canada Place in Vancouver, Canada, features a peaked fabric roof which provides a resemblance to sailboats. 

6. NV Buildings - Salford, United Kingdom


Mimicking wind-swelled sails, the NV Buildings are residential structures designed by the architecture firm called Broadway Maylan. 

7. Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Singapore


Although the Marina Sands hotel is most commonly known for having the world's longest infinity pool, it also catches attention for its structural design that appears as though there is a surfboard being perched on top of the three buildings. 

8. Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia


Designed by architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is arguable one of the most recognizable buildings for having nautical inspiration implemented into the design. The design features soaring, sail-shaped roofs  that compliment the way that the building is situated on water. 

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