How is Social Media Affecting Architecture?

How is Social Media Affecting Architecture?

Social media surrounds us daily. People are snapping pictures for Instagram, pinning their ideas on Pinterest, voicing their opinions on Twitter, and using the chat tool on Facebook as a way to communicate with companies. Can it influence architecture though? Most definitely.

We've compiled a list of ways that social media can not only influence architecture of the future but can also inspire and help current architects. 

1) Honest reviews

Social media is known as an outlet that allows people to express their thoughts. If you follow a hashtag, you'll be able to potentially find what people are saying about your projects or other projects. If you have an architect that you aspire to become, you can follow what people are saying about their latest work and learn what design elements they like and what elements they don't understand or find unattractive. 

2) Critical Feedback

Although reviews of the building are useful, you can get even more information from people by looking at the feedback they are providing. While some may provide nominal feedback, others will reveal what they thought should have been done instead and what elements work with reason. Though you won't necessarily be able to accommodate all feedback, this information is useful for you to carry onto your next project. 

3) Newest Trends

If you're having trouble feeling inspired, you can use social media platforms to help you. Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are great tools to use for inspiration because they are databases that contain not only the newest architecture but also archives of old designs.   

4) Customer Needs

What better way to find inspiration for what a city wants than to hear it directly from residents that live there? If you do a geographical search on social media, you can see what type of business people are asking to be built  in that area. So if you know that the city has allotted a budget for restoration and renovations, you can be well equipped with an idea that may help you get chosen. 

5) Target Audiences

If approved to be a contractor on a residence that you know will be housing a younger generation, you can take to social media to learn what they would enjoy most with a building. Do you design a common game room? Should there be a space for an indoor pool? Seeking out what your target audience would desire will ultimately make you more successful than designing an apartment that would be more alluring to an opposite audience. 

If you're wondering how social media is impacting architecture, you can see some trending projects below or you can also view additional projects here

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