How Storage Units Are Impacting Urban Design

How Storage Units Are Impacting Urban Design

Apparently, apartments and luxury condos aren’t the only facilities rushing to claim space in urban locations. Recent studies have shown a boom in self-storage facilities in urban locations. Urban storage units highlight sleek and multistory designs with special lighting to cater for retail shops as well as urban dwellers.

Self-storage companies are rushing to address the needs of fast-growing urban inhabitants who can’t keep everything within the home, but don’t want to throw away items with sentimental value either.

According to city planners, self-storage facilities must be designed to blend well with the urban or suburban landscape. Having moved in more urban neighborhoods, self-storage facilities have been noticed and have played a significant role in urban design. Today, we want to focus on how storage units are impacting urban design.

New Amenities & Fancy Offerings

Urban design-savvy developers have turned self-storage into a trending industry in the public eye. Storage industries had an ugly image in the past, but in recent years, modern Canningvale Storage Units have been re-invented to suit modern design techniques for new construction of storage facilities. As architects and contractors continue to build and develop new storage properties, the design philosophy has continued to revolve around implementation of modern amenities that home buyers are seeking when purchasing a home.

It is not uncommon to find new urban storage units featuring tile floors, exposed ductwork, and even granite countertops that mimic today’s rental office designs. These facilities also showcase one of the most remarkable exteriors. Developers have started implementing eye-catching finishes that go beyond the aesthetics of most shopping centers or hotels.

Ease of Use & State-of-the-art Security

For customers, storage units in urban locations provide much more than great physical appeal. Everyone these days demands premium spaces coupled with ease of access and great move-in experience. Equally, every customer requires a clean and well-lit environment.

For those of us with time-restricted commitments, storage units provide a convenient way for keeping all items and possessions in a secure manner. Modern self-storage facilities ensure stored items are protected through the use of video surveillance cameras and motion sensors. Furthermore, these facilities feature keypad entry for added security of all your belongings.

Repurposing Vacant Buildings

There are dormant buildings everywhere in the United States. Virtually every city or neighborhood is familiar with its wrecked districts. Their underpinning is comprised of brick and steel monuments alongside odes to corporations and companies that have either folded or have long been outsourced.

Now, thanks to self-storage units, these unnecessary voids are convalescing into feasible business investments. Self-storage experts predict a 10% rise in new self-storage projects this year, with industry conversions estimated to yield between 500 and 700 new storage facilities. Conversion projects turn vacant buildings into part of the economy while also tying in historical elements that would intrigue users.

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