How to Achieve an Elegant Country Interior Design Theme

How to Achieve an Elegant Country Interior Design Theme

When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many different themes you might want to try. In fact, it’s hard to choose between them for your home. Trends are constantly changing so it’s always good to look at inspiration online and in magazines to see if there is anything that floats your boat. If you love a traditional style, you might want to go for a country theme for your property.

Oozing rustic charm and providing you with a cottage feel, country is the perfect way to give your home a boost. It will soon get people talking about your home. But trying to create a country inspired home which is elegant is harder than it looks. After all, you don’t want to overdo the style in your home. Therefore, here are some simple tips on how to achieve an elegant country interior design theme in your home.

Go for traditional patterns

When you are creating a country interior design theme, you need to think of traditional when you are picking out patterns for furniture. After all, country style boasts patterned and elegant furnishings to help to boost your home. Therefore, you should avoid plain styles and go bright and beautiful when it comes to patterns. Such as using tartan sofas and chairs which offers an elegant country feel.

Floral cushions and bed covers are also an ideal way to add a country feel to your home. You could also get geometrics when you are choosing patterns for accents such as cushions and rugs for your home. These will all tie in nicely with the rest of your elegant theme in your home.


Bring the outdoors into your home


Country style is all about using touches of the outside in your home. After all, you want to bring some farm and country living into your property. Therefore, bringing some nature into your home is a great way to boost your theme. First things first, you should add some plants to your home. You should go for some beautiful plants in the corners of your room. You can also add floral displays to your tables and mantelpieces to give your home an environmentally friendly feel.

It’s also a good idea to hang antlers in your living room and dining room. This brings a traditional and country style feel to your home. As it says on Style Calling, don’t be afraid to add some animal style print wallpaper to your home to give it a country chic feel. It will also create a talking piece when people are in your home. Whether you add it to the living room or bedroom it will get people talking.

Cushions and blankets with an animal print is also a great way to bring the outdoors in. Remember to keep the rooms bright with natural light too. After all, light and airy are definitely two things which will give your home a country feel. So, open up your home to the outdoors.


Go wooden with your flooring and furniture


To get that key country living look, you should go for wood in your home. After all, rustic is a top trend when it comes to country living. It is elegant yet traditional in your property. There are many ways you can add wood to your home. For starters, you want the natural material in your house when it comes to flooring. It will give your home a natural, country feel and is bang on trend.

You can either choose real wood or a laminate option throughout the whole of your home. You can also go wooden when it comes to furniture. This texture when it comes to coffee tables and your dining table is a great way to show the country style in your property. Even your kitchen can have a touch of wooden magic. As it says on Country Living, reclaimed wood on drawer front in a kitchen will add instant character. Even going for a bed and bedside tables made from wood will help to get that enviable country feel in your home.

Author Bio: Edward Sloane is the owner of the very successful Sloane and Sons Stylish Chairs, who supply a variety of high-quality home seating furniture ranging from tub chairs, angel chairs to wingback chairs and accent chairs.

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