Indulge In The Comfort Of Your Room With Proper Lighting

Indulge In The Comfort Of Your Room With Proper Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important components when designing a room. Why? - exposure to various kinds of light affect our mood, emotional health, and well-being. Bright light can intensify emotions, while rays of natural sunlight provide greater sense of overall well being.

With an even balance between style and function, it only takes a few simple tweaks to achieve comfort and relaxation in your own haven. Take a look at these few simple tips for making the most of out of your bedroom.


Combine and Layer Three Lighting Types

Layering different types of light welcomes different moods from day to day, whether you had a happy day or a melancholy one. These three lighting types include:

  • Ambient light - entirely lights up the room to provide a consistent illumination throughout the room, using floor or table lamp, or a ceiling-mounted fixture;

  • Task lighting - provides light on the tasks a person carries out including reading before sleep, sudden computer work when a colleague rings, with the use of pendant lighting or desk lamp; and

  • Accent lighting - focuses on a specific point of interest such as corners and wall features, carried out via track light, downlight, or wall mounted fixtures.


Wall Mounts Make A Difference

The bedside table is for all the clutters that we set aside when we sleep. To save space for those books, water, alarm clock and or medicines, omit the night lamp and consider installing wall mounts, it will surely make a huge difference and bring more space. It will also prevent your dog or cat knocking off the table lamps when they keep jumping up on the bed.

Also, for many people, reading is a part of a daily routine. It enriches the mind and fills the soul, therefore, an appropriate environment for reading is a necessity. Using adjustable wall mount reading lights provides more comfort and space whenever you feel like finishing your book throughout the night.


Tinted Glass Elevates Relaxation

Relaxation is achieved when one feels calmness even just by sitting in the bed. This can be shaped by controlling the level and tone of mood lighting in your bedroom. Factors such as bulb wattage, tone, and lamp shade color, play a significant role in achieving ultimate relaxation for a sound sleep.

  • Warm yellow - a touch of yellow calms nerves throughout the body providing a soothing feeling.

  • Orange - warm shades of orange help muscles relax and mitigates a stable, reassuring environment.

  • Pale blue - like the pale blue rippling water or the blue sky in a lovely day, touch of blue creates a calm atmosphere that clears the mind thereby reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Green - provides an upbeat and positive feeling, making one feel truly alive and relaxed.

  • Red - this low color temperature decreases headaches and was known to cure sleep disorders which helps promote better sleep.

There is not one specific way to outline how lighting should be installed to achieve your own comfort and relaxation. By the end of the day, whichever makes you feel better, whatever type of light you want to include, you want to make it your own. There’s no better feeling than being in your own space.

Maureen Poe is a member of the editorial team of Domio. She loves sleeping and appreciates room designs that inspired her to be more productive.

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