ShiGuang Home by Interior Designer Lyu Aihua

ShiGuang Home by Interior Designer Lyu Aihua

The saying of 'An ordinary joyful moment' was once brought up by a Japanese author Haruki Murakami. He explained this concept as the moments with fortune and happiness, such as listening to Brahm’s chamber while watching the sunlight to draw a shadow on the white paper-stained window.

Interior Designer Lyu Aihua introduced this concept of fortune and happiness to her client—to let the sunshine walk into the room and subvert the whole former way of her life.

When the house owner was about to give up on her house, she happened to see a case Aihua did ten years ago. Strange fate brought them together; soon, she got Aihua’s contact along with an idea of a brand new home.

The owner's trust had pushed our cooperation to run smoothly and even skipped the steps of the renderings.

 While the house is vast, in the past, the family had to huddle together to sleep due to a problem with illumination. The family now utilizes the upper floor space and has six bedrooms. Five are facing south, only one is facing north. We emphasize the craftsmanship details and create a room full of artistic beauty in the furnishing. 

Door Entry


Entry space was decorated with the statue of the goddess of victory to create an ancient Greek romantic jazz mood. Handmade tiles were covering the floor.

Corridor and Skylight


Through enlarging windows, adjusting their positions, opening skylights, and making transparent partitions, we solved the lighting problem.



The stairwell where people stayed for a short time was in the best place for the whole house to illuminate.

The Living Room


We transformed the original staircase into a living room and continued to open the skylight, so the light was fully introduced into the house and left a shining warmth on the orange sofa. The whole living room was bright and warm, seducing people to pose for a long time.



The bar area is a partition of the living room and the tea room. Transitional functions from both two spaces make the room look spacious and transparent.



I use a black slate wall, the dining chair matches the wooden dining table and cabinet, with delicate artistry and superior materials complement each other. The combination of the restaurant and the western kitchen makes the time of dining no longer monotonous, but a chance for family interaction.

Tea Area


The deck of the tea area broke the peace of neatly arranged lockers under the stairwell. You could sit in a bright and comfortable chair, brew a pot of tea, or holding a book while staring at the lush garden outside the window as if you were in Santorini.

Piano Area


For me, the right interior decoration means that as soon as you walk in, you can see and feel the personality of the owner. Some objects that can recall the memories of the beginning of life. Her daughter draws the paintings on the wall. The color is amazing. I specially made a large-size hand-woven carpet based on this painting.

The Daughter's Bedroom


The arc treatment of the corner echoes with the balcony at one stretch; the minimalist detail has lit an unexpected outcome. Compared to the white wall, the lacquer texture can enlarge the brilliance of the art wall surface. The pink-pink bed and rug give the space a personality and temperature.

The Children’s Room


The work of American artist Keith Haring derives a children's chair, and a touch of bright yellow brings a playful and cheerful atmosphere.

Study Room


Like other artworks in the house, the children's works are also very touching.

Master Suite


There was no sunlight could reach for the original location of this bedroom. However, we changed the cloakroom and sleeping position. The room is sunbathed now and looks spacious. The exquisite craftsmanship and handmade products on the bedside are timeless, with a dark blue velvet bed and an orange armchair, together with give the space an elegant and foreign atmosphere.

Main Bathroom


After the renovation of the bathroom, dramatic changes have taken place. The dark shade turned into a 180-degree straightaway sun shot. The blue mosaic tiles with white blinds welcome the morning sunshine and wake up the hosts to meet the beauty of a new day.

The most important thing for a designer is to coincide with the expectations of customers, to solve the problems they care about and enhance their happiness. Thanks to my team: Dai Yu, Liu Huimin, Lin Qingshuai Our pace has become more and more consistent over the years, the completion of each project is just a step forward. I am especially pleased and feeling steadfast. 

*All images © Boris Shiu and have been provided by Lyu Aihua.

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