The Secret to Creating a Child-Friendly Yet Practical Bathroom

The Secret to Creating a Child-Friendly Yet Practical Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most hardworking rooms in a house, even more so if a child will be the one primarily using it. A lot of parents would go all the way and use child-sized toilets, baths, sinks, consoles, and even faucets. If you’re a parent who considers the long-term use or the resale value of a home, then a completely kid-scaled bathroom won’t work.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel for your little one, here’s a secret you need to know: you do not need to sacrifice aesthetics or practical value to make it child-friendly.

Experienced bathroom remodelers know that you can easily create a space your child will love even if you install standard-sized amenities. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when planning for a versatile bathroom made for children.

Space and layout

You don’t need to have a large room for a child’s bathroom. You just have to maximize the use of the space and plan the layout meticulously. The sink and toilet should have ample space surrounding them to make way for safety stools and other equipment your child will need for easy access. Opt for a bath with wall-mounted shower to save on space and for convenient use.

Cohesive style

The theme of your bathroom should be tasteful with a touch of whimsy—a look that brings a smile to your child’s face while providing a relaxing ambience for adults. You can place an accent wall with removable, stick-on murals that can be changed as your child grows. Fun color accents can be added to vanity frames, stools, area rugs, or shower curtains.

Standard size works


A child-sized toilet will soon be outgrown, but a comfort-height adult toilet is too big, so go for something in between. The standard-height toilet is a great choice because it can be easily reached with a step stool. For the standard-height vanity, you can have a wall-hung vanity and then store a stool below the sink area or have a fake drawer that’s actually a stepping stool.

Safety first

As always, your child’s safety should be the foremost consideration when doing a bathroom remodel. Do away with sharp corners and consider textured tiles to prevent slipping accidents. It would be easier to child-proof storage areas if you are using concealed shelving.

Stress-Free, Child-Proof Bathroom


There are countless tips and tricks to making a bathroom a safe and enjoyable space for children. Bathroom remodeling specialists can help you identify which features to prioritize and which designs would work best for your home. Right planning and preparation go a long way in ensuring relaxed bath-time and potty moments for your little ones.

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