Top Three Universities of Breathtaking Architecture

Top Three Universities of Breathtaking Architecture

When you first start thinking about choosing a university, you hardly consider enrolling into the oldest university in the world. You’re all about technology and contemporary learning methods, right? You’ll be happy to know that Oxford, Cambridge, and other old universities keep pace with modern trends. In fact, these are the institutions that lead the innovations into the educational experience. But they are still old, and that has a certain appeal.

Can you imagine attending classes in a building that looks almost like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft? The breathtaking architecture of some universities certainly has a magical appeal. 

We’ll list the three most beautiful universities in terms of architecture. Even if you don’t study at one of them, you should definitely go see them.

3 Universities with Beautiful Architecture

1. University of Cambridge, England

image ©  unsplash

image © unsplash

Right after Oxford, Cambridge is the second oldest English-speaking university. It has 31 colleges, with buildings dating from the 13th to the 20th century. Every single building has its own story to tell. The architecture is compact across the campus, but you can still see the signs of a different era on each building. You’ll see the marks of contemporary architecture, but you’ll also notice medieval and Tudor influence on the older buildings. 

The King's College Chapel took over a century to be completed. The exterior will immediately take your attention, as it stands out in the complex of buildings. But it’s the stonework in the chappen that really makes people gasp.

Cambridge has its own botanical garden, which is nothing short of impressive. Should we even start talking about the eight museums on campus?

Cambridge is an impressive place for students. There’s a lot to see, so you should plan a longer stay in the city. Ideally, you should consider studying at this university.

2. University of Heidelberg, Germany

image © Harald Groven via  Flickr

image © Harald Groven via Flickr

Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany, and it’s one of the most reputable ones in the world. Beautiful architecture is the first thing you’ll notice about it.

This was the third university founded in the Holy Roman Empire, and it was established under the guidance of Pope Urban VI.

The Old Town Campus has an important landmark: the University Library Heidelberg. It holds special collections of books and art pieces inside, but the outside is just as impressive.

This is one of the most challenging universities in the world. The students are required to work on research projects, so they actually put the Library to use. Most need help by researchers and editors from Edu Birdy, but that’s only part of the learning process. When you’re studying in such an impressive environment, somehow you get motivated to deal with the pressure. To understand what it’s really like to be on campus, you can take a virtual tour through the university’s official website. But it would be way better to there in person.  

3. Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

image © Jennifer Morrow via  Flickr

image © Jennifer Morrow via Flickr

This one is luxurious! Art is all over the place, and the glossy marble floors certainly add to the impression that you’re witnessing something unique in the world of education. There are 300 buildings on this campus. If you stand in front of every single one trying to pick the most beautiful architectural accomplishment, you’ll fail in the mission.

Sir Charles Lanyon, the architect who designed many of the buildings, had an even more intricate design to mind, but didn’t receive enough funding to bring it to life.

The best thing about these huge old buildings is that they keep everything close. You can easily walk around campus to enjoy the architecture. If you want some guidance, you can book a tour at the school’s official website. You’ll learn about the history and importance of each building.

Belfast’s city center, which is beautiful on its own is within 15 minutes walking distance. The students don’t get bored; that’s for sure.

Does Old Architecture Make a Difference?

To some extent, old architecture is important in the world of universities. Modern architecture is beautiful, too. The Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore has an impressive futuristic campus. But the beauty of old buildings is the impression of prestige and legacy they convey. You think of all those people who went there to pursue their dreams, and many of them changed the course of history.

If you’re into exploring impressive architecture, you should always see university buildings when visiting new places. And if you want to plan your trips around architecture, then Cambridge, Heidelberg and Belfast should be high on your list of priorities.

BIO: Joshua Robinson is a world traveller, blogger, and essay writer. He loves discovering new amazing places to see, and he enjoys reporting on his trips. Joshua’s dream is to see the capital cities of all countries around the world.     

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