Waterfall Countertop Ideas to Up the Luxe Factor of Your Home

Waterfall Countertop Ideas to Up the Luxe Factor of Your Home

Waterfall countertops have been a trend spotted in contemporary kitchens all around lately – and for a good reason – waterfall design is clean and elegant.

Unlike traditional countertops where there’s one horizontal surface, waterfall design has the material continue down the sides, creating a visual flow between the countertop and the flooring, thus adding a glamorous feeling to just about any space.

Let’s check out some of the most common materials used for waterfall countertops.

1. Stone Waterfall Countertops

image ©  Unsplash

image © Unsplash

When waterfall countertops first came out, stone was the top material of choice. The clean lines of the very design of this kind of countertop and the elegant look of stone complement each-other to create a striking centerpiece that’s impossible to ignore.

Now, with stone you have two options.

You can either choose stone with minimal veining, like marble to add an extra oomph to your home without distracting from the other elements in the space.

If “toned-down” is not the look you are after, and you are looking to add something that will turn heads, choose stone with a more bold pattern, like quartzite.

2. White Waterfall Countertops

image ©  Unsplash

image © Unsplash

Another popular look among interior design enthusiasts is the plain-white waterfall design.

White is the go-to choice if you want to visually extend your space and add elegance without drawing too much attention.

And if you think that white is too simple… well, you better think twice.

Adding an all-white waterfall surface to contrast an otherwise darker kitchen will add contrast and make your space look more visually appealing and modern.

3. Dark Waterfall Countertops

image ©  Unsplash

image © Unsplash

Of course, if your kitchen is white or light-colored, you might want to do the exact opposite of what we talked about in the previous point, and pick a rich, dark shade for your countertop.

This will add a splash of color and create a stunning, dramatic focal point in your space.

4. Wood Waterfall Countertops

image ©  pexels

image © pexels

If you are not looking to attract too much attention and you prefer a more muted look, choose wood materials.

Wood will also enable you to create an interesting mix between contemporary and traditional elements, building a kitchen with strong and unforgettable personality.

5. Concrete Waterfall Countertops

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

No list about waterfall countertops can be complete without mentioning concrete. Again, it’s definitely not as popular as natural stone, but it is worth taking into consideration as it is one of the easiest materials to work with, which makes it DIY-friendly, and has a lot of other advantages.

Plus, it doesn’t look too shabby. In fact, it gives an interesting industrial twist to the room, that looks amazing when paired with some cool chairs and bold lighting fixtures.

6. Mix and Match

image ©  pixabay

image © pixabay

The great thing about waterfall countertops is that they act as a centerpiece and allow you to get playful when designing your space.

You could do this by either building a waterfall island countertop using a bold material that’s different from the kitchen cabinets, but use it for your perimeter countertop as well…

… or, if you would really like to experiment, you could mix and match materials and patterns and opt for a completely different material for your island than the one you chose for your perimeter countertop.

7. Break the Rules

image ©  unsplash

image © unsplash

Although the definition of a “waterfall countertop” is a countertop that has the horizontal slab drop down the sides, it doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely essential for it to fall all the way down to the floor.

The picture below is one of the most famous examples of asymmetrical waterfall countertops that breaks the rules successfully, managing to create a unique look that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Waterfall countertops look great – and there’s no question about it. However, before deciding to renovate your kitchen to incorporate this trend, first decide if the waterfall style is something that fits in your space.

Usually, it is modern spaces that waterfall countertops look best in. Of course, there’s nothing a little imagination can’t fix – so if you decide to incorporate a waterfall look into a more traditional setting, make sure you choose the right type and thickness of material.

However, you need to keep in mind that due to the sides, waterfall countertops require more material, so they might not be the best choice with those with tight budgets.

Also, since most of these kinds of countertops are made from natural stone, they require a professional to handle them.

First, stone is not DIY-friendly, so you would better choose wood if you plan on building the countertop yourself, and second, due to the veining, natural stone is hard to work with – if the veining is misplaced, it can completely ruin the fluidity (and purpose) of the design.

If you’re looking to save money, but still want to keep up with this trend, then your best choice is either wood or concrete, depending on how cozy and traditional or industrial you want your kitchen to feel.

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.

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