What Does the Architect of the Future Look Like?

What Does the Architect of the Future Look Like?

Predicting the architect of the future is difficult given all the advancements in the architecture field. Some may believe that artificial intelligence will become the new architect while others believe that new machines will only enhance the architect but a human will still complete the task. Perhaps it's a bit of both? In this article we explore how architecture is going to change and why an architect must keep up.

image ©  delta407

image © delta407

1) Direct to Fabrication Models

 In prior articles we've discussed how 3D models and houses have been built using 3D technology.  While 3D printing is no longer a futuristic concept, there are constant improvements to the way the technology is used. In the future we can expect that the machines will be able to print out any model that the architect drafts and use any material to build a house.

image ©  Vimeo

image © Vimeo

2) Ability to Test Work Effectively

Architects are constantly testing their work to make sure that their building design doesn't have flaws. They upload their projects into various software applications so that they can interpret their design intent through multiple views. While this process helps to eliminate some flaws in the planning, there currently isn't a program that can effectively determine all the flaws in the design. This however, may not be the case in the future as individuals have been developing tools that will help designers find flaws without the need for multiple drafts. 

image ©  Akrisht Pandey

image © Akrisht Pandey

3) Hybrid forms of Documentation

Perhaps one of the most frustrating elements for designers is that there is not a single interface that allows them to achieve different layouts of their design. Currently an individual must use multiple programs like Revit, Sketch Up or AutoCad in order to achieve their plans. This however, is anticipated to change as individuals are already working on developing an interface that can support multiple software applications. 

image © MYOB

image © MYOB

4) Digitally Signed Documents

In an increasingly digital world, it seems logical that firms would begin to use digitally signed documents for their projects. Though many are hesitating to use the technology due to concern that the document will be digitally manipulated, others have already considered that possibility and created an encryption that ensure their data integrity. 


5) Architects Will Become More Aware of Manufacturing Practices

One of the aims for the future is to have architects more involved in the manufacturing process so that they learn how their design decisions make a direct impact on the manufacturing process. The goal is to teach architects about the implications of design and therefor give them a better understanding of cost while designing. 

6) Virtual Design

Virtual design is said to have a huge impact on the future of architecture. It will not only shape the exterior but also the interior functions of the buildings. You can read more about virtual reality here


7) Feedback Loops

Traditionally once a building is complete that is the last of the contact between the contractor and the owner. This however is anticipated to change as more architects are intrigued to discover how their tenants like the building. So in the future we can anticipate seeing more user generated feedback for buildings so that architects can take the feedback into consideration when designing another building. 

image ©  Kamalpassi2102

image © Kamalpassi2102

8) Sole Leader of the Project

While currently architects are only drafting the buildings and then passing it on to contractors to get built, this is anticipated to change. Instead of only leading part of the project, architects are said to become the only touch point with the project since technology will allow them to take leadership of not only the design but also the fabrication process. 

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