What You Need to Look for In Siding

What You Need to Look for In Siding

Choosing the siding for a building can be a daunting task. Especially since there is a vast selection of different sidings available. While we don't have an affirmative answer on which siding is best for your project, this article outlines all of the factors you should consider before choosing the siding for your project.

Aesthetic Value

One of the most influential factors when it comes to choosing a siding is the aesthetic value. Ultimately they want a siding that will not rust quickly after installation, will not get scratched easily, and can resist denting and insects. While it is not possible for one material to achieve all of these properties, you should consider picking a material that will be able to excel in the performance area that has you most concerned. 

image ©  Editor5991

image © Editor5991

The Material

The most common material for siding is metal which includes steel, aluminum, and copper. Each type of material presents a different property.

  • Steel rejects insects and rot, is fire resistant, stronger than aluminum however can be scratched and eventually rust.
  • Aluminum will not rot, rust or blister, is fireproof and defensive with termites. It does however easily get dented or scratched and can corrode without proper care.
  • Copper is similar to the other materials in that is does not rot or rust, is fireproof and unaffected by termites. It is however more expensive but highly durable and recyclable.
image ©  Mr a

image © Mr a


Similar to the abundance of colour options available, metal siding also comes in large assortment of styles. These styles include: 

  • Corrugated sheets
  • Flat sheets - seamed panels, slot-in panels, cassettes, etc
  • Ribbed sheets
  • Imitation clapboard sheets 
  • Mesh fabrics
  • Shingle
image ©  Boberger

image © Boberger

Easily Treated

When choosing a siding you want to ensure the longevity of it by protecting it from the elements. Some of the surface treatments available include: buffeted (bright, reflective appearance), Directional textured (smooth satin sheen in parallel scratch pattern), non-directional textured matter (rough texture), patterned. 

image ©  Carol M. Highsmith  

image © Carol M. Highsmith 

The Finish

The last thing you need to consider for siding is the finish as this will directly impact the life span of the product. There are multiple metal finishes which provide protection in key areas. Some of the the finishes include: resin or latex, acrylic metal paints, weathering finishes, aluminum corrosion, enables, and or epoxies. 

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