Why You Should Put Plants in the Shower

Why You Should Put Plants in the Shower

Having trouble remembering to water a plant? Put it in the one place that it's guaranteed to get water - the shower. 

According to Pinterest's 2017 home report, a recent trend on the rise is putting plants in the shower. While having a plant in the shower may seem odd to some, it’s actually one of the most beneficial places for a plant to be since it provides them with an abundance of moisture. It also has numerous benefits for you too.

If you're considering a plant in the bathroom then you should recognize that it has benefits beyond its added aesthetic value. These benefits include:

  • The ability to improve the air quality of the room since plants filter indoor toxins and produce oxygen.

  • Help with eliminating bacteria and absorbing excessive moisture - so you won't be getting out of your shower and be greeted by a wall of steam any longer.

image ©  Brendan C

image © Brendan C

When considering a plant for your shower, you want to ensure you choose one that can thrive in the environment. Choosing taller or larger plants typically cannot work in a bathroom since space is limited. You also need to consider how humidity and lighting will impact how well your plant thrives.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right plants for your bathroom conditions:

  • If you have a bathroom with minimal lighting then the best plants for the shower include Aloe-vera, bamboo, orchids, spider plants, heartleaf philodendrons, or Boston ferns. These plants typically need minimal light to grow and some such as aloe-vera also don’t need a lot of water and the humidity from your shower may be enough to sustain it.

  • If lighting isn’t an issue because you have a bathroom that receives lots of natural lighting from a large window then you have more choices for plants. Some of the plants recommended include air plants, gardenias, azaleas, or asparagus ferns.

  • If you’re prone to taking hot showers that produce a lot of humidity, then you should consider a plant that can not only survive in those conditions but also improve them. Some of the most desirable plants that absorb humidity include bamboo, chinese evergreen, english ivy, or gerbera daisy. If choosing bamboo it’s important to remember that it can grow rather quickly so you’ll need to tend to it by shaping it or providing a barrier to stunt its growth.

image ©  Pixnio

image © Pixnio

Just because the latest trend is to put a plant in the shower, it doesn't mean you are confined to that space. If your shower area isn't suitable for a plant then you can also consider placing the plant anywhere in the bathroom such as next to the bath, on shelves, on a windowsill. Regardless of where you put your plant in the bathroom,  we can agree that this trend is providing life to an otherwise commonly overlooked area in the home.

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