You Need to Consider Pets When Designing a Home

You Need to Consider Pets When Designing a Home

While most people will purchase miniature homes and beds for their pets, they often forget to make their home pet friendly.  This article explores ways that you can design your home to be pet friendly.

image ©  uschi

image © uschi

One of the biggest mistakes that pet owners make is putting hazardous plants in the house. While it can be tempting to add plants to your home, always consult a guide that will alert you of which plants are safe or not safe for your pet.

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

Another factor you'll want to consider is durable flooring. A rambunctious pet can create a lot of mess so you'll want to choose either laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, or painted concrete.  

image ©  Tom Thai

image © Tom Thai

In addition to considering flooring, it's also important to consider pet friendly furniture. You want to have fabrics that are easy to clean and vacuum. Fabrics such as denim, canvas, or sturdy synthetic options are best. 

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Perhaps the most important area to make pet friendly is the entrance. You not only want to have an entrance that will prevent mud from tracking through house but also one that wont let a pet easily escape. 

image ©  Sko1970

image © Sko1970

Lastly, provide a window view for your pet. Pets need access to the window since this can be their only source of entertainment. So if you don't have accessible window sills, consider adding a piece of furniture that will give them the view they desire. 

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