A Minimalist House Design – 6 Things to Include

A Minimalist House Design – 6 Things to Include

If you don’t know what a minimalist house design is then you were probably living under a rock the past few days. From Tumblr to Pinterest and Instagram to Facebook, minimalism is everywhere. It is a way for people to fight back the capitalism society where we started judging our value by the things we own. Minimalism is not merely decluttering your house to make it look roomy and clean but also the process of letting go of things that you need for your peace of mind. Once you clear your life of unnecessary things, you will be able to enjoy a stress-free life.

The Benefits of Minimalism

Due to the many benefits of minimalistic lifestyle, more and more people are turning towards it. From their wardrobes to their houses, people are doing a complete makeover of their lives. The number one reason behind minimalism’s popularity is that it takes away the stress that is often accompanied by clutter. When you come home to stuff laying everywhere around your house, you can’t relax. Your home should be a place where you can get rid of the stress of the day, not add more stress to it.

Minimalism means a clean and spacey house where you can relax without having to worry about anything. Another advantage of minimalism is that it makes your place look more appealing. You can impress your Instagram followers by showing them your minimalistic house. A minimalistic house is also pretty easy to clean as the surfaces aren’t covered in useless items. Minimalism in your house brings you peace of mind and allows you to focus on things that really matter in life.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist House:

Minimalism does not simply mean owning less things. It is the right way of decluttering where you only end up with the essentials in your life. You can still own things that you don’t really need, like small decoration items but as long as you keep it simple, it won’t affect the minimalistic outlook of your house. The tips mentioned below will guide you on how to create a minimalist house.

Clear everything

From walls and floors to surfaces, everything in your house needs to be clear. The floor should be visible and not covered in all sorts of things. In order to keep the floor clear, don’t stack anything on it. Walls shouldn’t get crowded with pictures. Sure, you can hang up one or two art pieces but that should be it. You also shouldn’t use a wallpaper to cover your walls. They should remain bare.

The surfaces of tables and shelves should remain clear. If there are things on surfaces in your house that are cluttering them, then get rid of them today. Donate the things you can and put the rest in the trash. Don’t put too many decoration pieces on the surfaces.

Keep it Simple

Whether you are buying decorations or artworks for the walls, go for the simple things. If you want to have fake plants in your house, then go for the small ones that aren’t filled with too many artificial leaves.

Essentials Only

A minimalist house should only have the essentials when it comes to the big things especially furniture. Get rid of everything that is not essential for you. If your room size allows, you can add something else (accent pieces, for instance) later to add to the beauty of the room.

6 Things to Include in a Minimalist House Design:

Once you have divided your belongings to essentials and non-essentials and got rid of the latter, you can start arranging the essentials in your house. But if you are designing a minimalist house for the first time, you may not know what things you should include in your house. There are a few things that every minimalist house design is incomplete about and we are going to discuss six of those things today.

Storage Spaces

Even after you decluttered your place, you will find many useful items that you can’t possibly put on shelves in a minimalist house. To keep these items secure, you need storage spaces. In a minimalist house design, storage spaces are very important because they hold most of your items that you can’t put on display around the house. But choosing the right kind of storage is very important when designing a minimalist house. The storage space has to be stylish and a part of some important furniture so as not to take separate space in the house. Like a side table with cabinets or a bookshelf with drawers.

Accent Pieces

These furniture and decoration pieces can make the look of a room. The best thing about accent pieces is that you normally need only one for one room. Just because you are going for a minimalist house design shouldn’t mean your place has to look boring and devoid of style. With the help of accent pieces, you can add style to your home.

Accent pieces don’t cover a lot of space and improve the look of your room without eclipsing the minimalistic aspect of it.

A Small Garden

A minimalistic house is incomplete without a small and simple garden. Since you are going for a minimalistic look, your garden should not be overflowing with flowers and plants. Place chairs and a coffee table in one corner of your garden, add an accent piece (preferably a chair), and you will have your minimalistic garden ready.

One way to add extra charm and beauty to your garden is by adding a well— Joyce Well Drilling

In it to water the flowers and plants at regular interval.

Artistic Lights

In a minimalist house, lights can be used as décor. Lights are essential for your house anyway so why not use them to increase the beauty of your minimalist house? When choosing lights for your house, you should avoid huge lights and chandeliers as they don’t go well with minimalism. There are plenty of artistic lamps available in the market that you can choose from.

Even the lights on walls need to be trendy and not the boring bulbs you see in every house. You can use fancy lights in your bedroom and pick the more stylish ones for your lounge. You can improve any room in your house with the help of lights. From fairy lights to stylish lamps, there are so many options for you to choose from.

Neutral Colored Paints

Although most of the minimalistic houses you have seen on the internet have white walls, minimalism is not limited to white. As long as you go for earthy or neutral colors, you will be able to nail the minimalism look of your house.

If you want to go with the classic white, it is important to keep a few things in mind. White with yellow undertones will make your room look warmer while blue undertones will make the white look crispier. Depending on the light of your room, you can choose the right shade of white. For instance, if your room gets a lot of natural light and it gets warm then you should choose the cooler shades of white. But if you use artificial light in your room then going with the warmer shades of white is the better option.


If you have seen the pictures of minimalist houses and rooms, you may have noticed one thing that is common among all of them and that is plants. The greens of plants complement the bare white walls of a minimalist house very well.

But when choosing plants, you must always go for the smaller ones — you don’t wan to crowd your room with big leaves of a plant. If you can’t take care of plants regularly then you should go for artificial plants. They will fulfill their purpose of making your house look beautiful without requiring your time and attention.

If you want to live a stress-free life then start DE cluttering your house today and plan the perfect minimalist house design with the help of minimalistic tips mentioned above. Furnish your place with the essentials, decorate it with lights and accents, and you will be able to give competition to all the minimalistic homes of Pinterest.


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