Are there Benefits to Living in a Glass House?

Are there Benefits to Living in a Glass House?

When considering a glass house you can't help but imagine having 360 degree views of the trees rustling in the wind, the sun rising and shining each day and your house blending seamlessly into your yard. Though many easily consider all of the aesthetic values of the house, quite a few individuals overlook the fact that living in a glass house has numerous other benefits as well which we've highlighted in this article. 

image ©  Staib    // GlassHouse - Phillip Johnson

image © Staib   // GlassHouse - Phillip Johnson

Reduced Electricity Costs

Glass is known as being a good conductor of heat, however, in order to benefit from its performance, it's essential that the area around the glass is properly sealed. When the glass is properly sealed in place, it will make a noticeable decrease in heating costs. There will also be a noticeable decrease in the electricity costs for the home since it can receive sunlight from all angles. 

image ©  Wicker Paradise   // Glass House - Santambrogiomilano

image © Wicker Paradise  // Glass House - Santambrogiomilano

Aesthetic Value

To ensure optimal aesthetic value of the house, the surrounding environment must be considered. These homes are ideally situated in the country because it not only offers the tenant privacy, but also makes the home appear larger since the landscape becomes easily incorporated into the home. 

image ©  Jim.henderson  //  Glass House - Janes Carousel

image © Jim.henderson //  Glass House - Janes Carousel

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many other building materials, the production of glass is environmentally friendly. It doesn't produce toxic fumes and almost all glass waste is immediately recycled.  Glass can be also be repeatedly recycled as some glass is produced from sand and glass waste.  

image ©  Vimeo   // ReActor- Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley

image © Vimeo  // ReActor- Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley

Durability + Strength

Despite its fragile appearance, glass is highly durable and is scratch resistant. In many cases, glass only breaks due to its threshold being met. This threshold, however, can be increased through methods such as heat tempering, heat strengthening, or chemical strengthening. 

Since learning about the various benefits of a glass home, you're probably tempted to explore your options with designing your own. To get started, check out CADdetails's Design Gallery which has completed projects to provide you with inspiration for your design.

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