Why Do These Houses Look Like UFOs Landed?

Why Do These Houses Look Like UFOs Landed?

Since the 60's there has been at least 64 UFO sightings.  Well, sort of. These hyper realistic sightings we are referring to are actually just UFO-shaped prefab houses formally known as Futuro Houses.

image ©  pixabay

image © pixabay

Futuro Houses were created in the late 60's by an architect named Matti Suuronen. He came up with the UFO inspired design for 'portable' ski chalets.  It is believed that there are at least 80 to 100 Futoros that were manufactured and scattered around the world in the 1970's. Since then some have been destroyed while others are fully functional or waiting to be discovered. 

image © Steve Rainwater -  Flickr

image © Steve Rainwater - Flickr

According to The Futuro House, Suuronen’s design was originally manufactured in Finland and later licensed for manufacture in other countries. When the first Futuro came out it costed $14,000 and was made using cheap materials—fiberglass reinforced with plastic. The assembly of the house was relatively easy since the 16 prefab pieces that were mass-produced, transported to a building site, and bolted together with relative ease. 

image © Ken Ratcliff -  Flickr

image © Ken Ratcliff - Flickr

The Futuro stopped production in the early 70's due to the oil crisis which caused the cost of plastic to rise making the house almost three times more expensive. Since there was higher costs, the production was limited and people no longer saw the Futuro as an afforable housing solution. 


Since the Futuro was originally intended to be a ski lodge, heating was essential. It is said that the electric heating system allowed the house to be heated from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Farenheit in 30 minutes. While the timing seems fast, it could have something to do with the fact that the home only features a bedroom, bathroom, fireplace, and living room that could sleep eight people. 

The above video gives a glimpse of what living in the Futuro house would have been like for individuals. As you can see the numerous windows provide the unit with lots of light and the circular design is emphasized throughout. 

Interested in designing a UFO inspired house? Search the '3D Model Gallery' on CADdetails.com to download models you can use in your planning.

Source: Curbed & The Futuro House Cover photo: Steve Rainwater - Flickr

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