Home Décor – 5 Exciting Ideas to Remodel Your House

Home Décor – 5 Exciting Ideas to Remodel Your House

Sometimes you suddenly get the urge to change the look of your house completely. It is never an easy task as there are many ways to redecorate and you can change your mind every second. Eventually, you just have to start your research and decide how to proceed with the idea.

Of course, you want to make sure the time and money you spend on remodelling is spent in right places - don’t decide on something that you are unsure of.

 As there are several ways to remodel your house, we have come up with 5 ideas that you may consider.

A Brighter, Airier Kitchen

Have you come across your dream kitchen in a movie and decided that was the one you were going to have? Our first piece of advice: do away with an awkward doorway and the tall cupboard like structure that dominates an already narrow entryway into the kitchen.

Strip off the dark, looming cabinets from the wall and you will immediately notice that you have more space and potential to beautify the old room than ever. Install open shelves to keep your kitchen spacious. With that, ensure smart styling of kitchen items for greater storage capacity.

Page Mullins, style director of Country Living says, “When styling open shelves, narrow down your dishware into a specific color palette to make a mismatched collection feel more consistent.”

You can decide a theme to the kitchen. Replace countertops that fit best along with the cabinets. Style the windows in a neat frame that goes with the color scheme, and opt for simple blinds of your choice to give it a fresh new face.

A Trendier Bathroom

Ask yourself: what do you want out of your bathroom? If you want more space to roam around and are not ready to compromise your bathtub too, there are a few tricks to upgrade the bathroom.

There are some stylish bathroom fittings in the market today that will add a touch of sophistication to this place. Go for the color that best suits your needs – perhaps blue – to offset some wooden panelling, or white that complements your chrome shower and faucets.

Who said safety cannot look good? Go for strategically placed grab bars that helps avoid slipping when getting out of the shower or to hang your towel. Install wooden frames on the wall with niches built-in for anything, from a torch to your shaving equipment. Before you deconstruct your wall to install a window, choose to assess its feasibility in terms of budget concerns and position.

Minimalist Japanese-Style Master Suite

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Most 21st century homes aren’t really built to let in light, but you can challenge the norm! Go for tall windows in your bedroom that overlook the garden. Keep the window frames simple and install some rustic roman blinds that let in enough light for the room to glow.

Keeping up with your theme, you can go for some dark wood flooring, especially when your bedroom is now no longer going to be dark and dreary. Instead of going for the usual bedside tables/drawers, install floating bedside cabinets. They will maximize your space whilst keeping it clean and uncluttered.

In the same way, dressers built fixed within the wall are a better idea than walk-in closets. These considerations will allow you to take in the closet space for a bigger bathroom!


Depending upon your taste and budget, changing the flooring of your home can add value to your humble residence in the form of its resale value (if you are thinking to sale it in future).

Be careful in choosing the appropriate plan for your needs. Do you need hardwood or parquet, tile or vinyl, cork or stone, carpet or paint? Hardwood, tile and stone are all too loud to revamp, but hardwood has a rustic feel, tile is modern, and stone never really goes out of date, does it?

Your choice is based upon your furnishings, budget and style of living. Experts say that if you are looking to get a favorable return on investment on flooring, select neutral designs that are comparable in price to your design and furnishings.

 You can also go for eco-friendly options to minimize waste. Finally, it is good practice to lay out a detailed plan of your floor remodel, including costs to be incurred at every step – to have a better estimate and less hassle.

Transform Your Garden

Landscaping is another aspect of home remodelling that gets the point across very well. The key is to look at existing designs and decide what you want for yourself depending upon the land available and most importantly, the budget.

Even if you have a small space, but you fancy lush plantings, color splash, weathered stone artifacts, and outdoor furniture, you can take inspiration from garden designer William Morrow, and how he set his backyard. With his home as the backdrop and a weathered stone patio, he covered it with wisteria, and did away with fencing on one side.

You can use light iron furniture in such a setting, and then install pots that house evergreen shrubs as well as fruiting ones, depending on the climate and weather conditions.

 It is a brave, ambitious and creative world and you will never run out of ideas to give your home that new feeling you crave. Rushing into such a project wouldn’t do you any favors, so take maximum time for your initial planning phase. Talk to several professionals before you decide a revamping project and take notes along the way. Your final plan should be documented well before the process starts.

 Enjoy the décor. You’re here to stay long.

Christine Rudolph is a passionate Home-Improvement blogger. She is an enthusiastic writer, inclined towards ever-changing trends. Currently, she is associated with ‘Miles Ahead Blinds & Awnings’ For more updates follow her on Twitter @RudolphBlogger.

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