How to Get the Deck You Always Wanted

How to Get the Deck You Always Wanted

When it comes to choosing a deck there is a lot more to consider than just the aesthetics. While the aesthetic of the deck is definitively a highly influential factor in your decision, you must also consider other factors such as the location and the traffic since they will determine whether or not you get the deck you intended to have. In this article, we provide you with insight on all the decisions you must make in order to have the deck you imagine. 

image ©  Durade  k

image © Duradek


When choosing a material for your deck you must consider the aesthetic and performance features of your given material. Are you looking for a low maintenance deck? Then you may want to consider hardwood lumber, wood & plastic composite, or vinyl. Is the deck going to be exposed to high levels of moisture? Then choosing pressure-treated softwood, metal, or rubber composite are recommended. If you want to protect your deck if it will be experiencing high levels of pedestrian traffic, then using protection such as a vinyl membrane will keep the deck pristine. You must define the characteristics you are looking for in a deck before choosing the material. This will ensure your satisfaction in the finished product. 

image ©  TimberTech

image © TimberTech


Another important aspect to consider for your deck is the type of traffic it will see. Understanding whether the deck will be used as an entertainment area or as a means of exit and entrance will help with determining the best material that is suitable for your needs. For high traffic areas it is best to use a high quality wood. This is because it is a sturdy material that can handle constant motion. If, however, you are building your deck near a pool, a composite material is more suitable because it won't split, splinter or warp due to water.  

image ©  Deckorators

image © Deckorators


While choosing the location may seem like the easiest decision to make, it can highly influence all other elements of your deck like the material used and treatments. Deciding whether you will be putting your deck close to your house, using it as a dock, or building it around a pool will ultimately decide the material you need to use to have a deck that is compatible with your location choice. 

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr


The level of treatment for your deck will depend on the material you choose. Some may not need a treatment at all while others like concrete and wood do. In order to preserve your deck, you need to make sure to provide it with the proper treatment. For concrete, these treatments can range from water sealant to slip resistant coatings. If you choose a lumber deck you can treat it with different stains to also give it different colours.

image ©  TigerDeck

image © TigerDeck

Fade Resistance

Regardless of the material you choose for your deck, it will be susceptible to sun fading. So if you are concerned about this, then you should consider a material that can withstand sun fading or can be restored if exposed to the sun. While concrete generally doesn't fade, some dies that are applied to the concrete can discolour over time. Similarly, the stain on a wood deck will fade when exposed to the sun. Luckily, colours for concrete and wood can be restored by reapplying stain on the surfaces again. 

image ©  Thermalwood

image © Thermalwood

Corrosion Resistance

Regardless of where your deck is placed, it will suffer from wear and tear. Ideally this will only be from humans but unfortunately it can sometimes be from insects as well. So when you're choosing your material think about how it can corrode and be sure to protect it immediately to limit the chances of irreparable damage in the future.

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Now that you've learned the 6 factors that you must consider before building a deck, you're ready for the final step. Browse "Deck" on to see an assortment of decking materials that can help you get the deck you always wanted. 

Source: Architizer  Coverphoto: Thermalwood

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