Will These Construction Technologies Change the World?

Will These Construction Technologies Change the World?

The construction industry is constantly undergoing changes as individuals keep searching for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to complete their project. In this article we highlight some changes that have the potential to revolutionize the way we not only think about construction but the way that it will be conducted in the future. 


Robot Swarm Construction

Harvard researchers have discovered a quick way to build small scaled structures using termites as inspiration. Taking on the position of a termite, inexpensive drones can build structures by following an initial design and then similar to a termite, they will place the blocks in sequence in the next available spaces until the structure is completed. Check out the video above to see the robots in action. 


Smart Bricks

Taking inspiration from Lego, Smart Bricks developed by Kite Bricks have similar properties to Lego in the sense that they easily connect into each other through their knobs on the top of the bricks. The bricks remain in place with a double-sided adhesive and are hollow in order for insulation, plumbing pipes, and electrical wires to be easily installed. Watch the video above to see how Kite Bricks proposes using these bricks in construction. 


Water Absorbing Concrete

After a heavy rainfall in highly urbanized areas it can cause flooding due to the concrete's inability to drain the large quantity of water that was dropped. This could change for some areas however as a UK company called Tarmac has created an asphalt product that can reduce the chances of flooding, keep the street drier, and route the water to a specific area. The only con of the asphalt is the price and inability to use it in colder climates due to the fact that the concrete would expand and crack when exposed to cold temperatures.


Solar Paint

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns with solar technology is the aesthetic value. Many are hesitant to put something on their roof that they feel will decrease their aesthetic. This is why companies such as Tesla have introduced more pleasing panels for the home. Though this doesn't come without a large cost. So in an attempt to keep aesthetic value and costs lower, Jillian Buriak has proposed a solar paint that can eventually be sprayed onto the roof and provide the homeowner similar benefits of those that have panels but at a fraction of the cost both financially and aesthetically.


Cableless Multi-directional Elevators

Noticing the rate that buildings are growing in height, German elevator company ThyssenKrupp has proposed an elevator system that could use much less energy than current ones and would also be able to travel vertically and diagonally. Testing is currently happening for this elevator system and you can see it in action in the video above.


Road Printing Machine

Looking to speed up the road paving process, companies have begun to design machines that can shorten the process by laying down a brick road. After the machine lays the bricks, a steamroller then presses the bricks into place. In the video above you can see the process in more detail.


Aerogel Insulation

Capable of insulating two to four times more than its counterpart, aerogel insulation is also fire-resistant and allows water vapor to pass through. In the video above you can learn more about this new insulation. 



With the abundance of benefits that bamboo has and that we discussed here, it doesn’t seem as surprising that companies are predicting a growth in the use of bamboo in the future. In fact, a bamboo enthusiastic architecture company called Penda in Beijing, China wants to eventually build an entire city using the material.

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