Mid-Century Modern Coming Back Once Again

Mid-Century Modern Coming Back Once Again

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t consider themselves much of an interior designer, it would be impossible for you to miss the huge mid-century modern trend that’s taken over. Whether you’re sat in a doctor’s surgery waiting room or catching up over a coffee with friends – public spaces and people’s homes have been heavily influenced by mid-century modern design wherever you go.


What Is Mid-Century Modern Design?

Essentially, mid-century modern furniture is just that: an interior design craze that rose to fame during the 50’s-60’s. Somehow, this style hasn’t left since. Many designers are bored of the phenomenon, calling for a reshuffle in design by creating their own bold, unique collections. However, the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Interestingly, the style hasn’t adapted much since it’s conception - apart from the transition into what we now call Scandinavian design. This still features the same design chairs and furnishings that mid-century modern furniture is known for. Think: minimalistic style churned out to the masses, but with an art-deco twist.


Where In The Home Can You Use It?

For those who are still fans of the mid-century modern design, there are plenty of ways you can include it in your home design. The great thing about mid-century modern style is that it can be incorporated in every room of the house. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Creating the mid-century modern theme in the kitchen is simple, buy vintage style kitchen appliances and use lots of decorations. Have plenty of wood and bamboo as a major nod to the 60’s, and don’t forget the all-important breakfast bar with mid-century modern style stools.


When it comes to mid-century modern style in the bedroom, it’s all about the finishing touches and finer details. It’s best not to let the furniture overbear, instead, use the decorations to achieve the overall mid-century modern look. Invest in a chic nightstand, mirror, dresser and tall 60’s style lamps.

Living Room

Decorating your living room is when the mid-century modern design trend can really come into its own. Begin with the iconic wooden legged table and chairs to set the mood for the room. Then add other decorations such as lamps, throws, corner tables and a floor pouffe to complete the look. Choose metallic geometric style ornaments to go a step further.


Transform your conservatory into a mid-century modern haven by mixing your conservatory furniture with charming decorations. Add some patterned throws, a shabby rug and plenty of lamps to create a perfectly on-theme room.


What’s Next For Mid-Century Modern Design

No one’s sure as to exactly how long the mid-century modern interior design trend is going to last, but for now, it’s certainly become a standard for decorating a modern and stylish home. With some of the world’s biggest furniture stores taking inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s, it’s likely the style won’t be replaced any time soon. It seems as though professional designers are going to have to accept that this trend is here to stay.

Author Bio: Nathan is an architect and interior designer who recently started to write blog posts on the internet. He is a a DIY lover and occasionally helps his friends at Desser with some designs.

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