The Ins & Outs of Interior Design for 2018

The Ins & Outs of Interior Design for 2018

The new year is known for delivering big changes and within the interior design industry this means tracking new styles and phasing out the trends that no longer have finesse. In this article we'll explore what's predicted to be in & what designers believe is on the way out in 2018.

First, we'll take a look at the new trends for 2018.


1. Greenery

Last year,  'Greenery' was announced as Pantone's colour of the year. This wasn't suprising given the fact that environmental issues have been on the rise lately and everyone craves to be connected to nature. 

This year instead of walls being painted green, we can expect to see a lot more greenery in the form of:

1. Plants - You can expect to find plants in every room of the house - including ones found in the shower.

2. Decor highlighting nature - think pillows with palm leaves, bed comforters with vine designs, and pictures of leaf imagery framed.

3.  Vegetated wall coverings - This is a continual trend from prior years, however, we think this year we may see green walls incorporated into more residential and commercial spaces.


2. Vintage Accessories


While some have automated homes that can be controlled from their phones, others have shown significant interest in the use of vintage inspired accessories. Items such as vanities, mirrors, furniture, and even lighting fixtures have received vintage makeovers. 


3. Darker and mixed Finishes


Branching away from all white interiors, this year we can expect to see darker and mixed finishes in bathrooms and kitchens. Some of the trendy colour choices will include natural neutrals (think oak, charcoal, and sage), exotic shades (yellow, orange, and bright shades of green), bold colours (such as navy, purple and red) and lastly, dark tonal colours like gray and black.


4. Aspirational spaces

A common theme while decorating for 2018 will be to create aspirational spaces. Each room will be influenced by the emotion that the client connects to it. The design choices will reflect the attitudes of the individual, which mean breaking away from conventional design to explore spaces that are as individual as the client.


5. The Popular Colours & Patterns

Each year Pantone annouces their colour of the year which influences designers choices. This year, Pantone announced 'Ultra Violet' as the colour so we can definitely expect to see a lot more purple popping up. 

It won't be the only popular colour, however, as tonal reds, teal, millennial pink, dark colours such as navy and black, as well as brown & beige are all believed to be popular this year.

As for patterns, we can expect to see more bold prints, florals, and the mixing of patterns within a room. 


What trends are on the way out?


Returning Fruit to the Bowl


Over the past couple of years we've become all to familiar with pineapples, cacti, watermelons, and other fruits displayed in the home. We aren't talking about a bowl of fruit on the table, but rather the fruit being redesigned and printed onto pillows, paintings, shower curtains, and in some cases-even carpets. While some may wish to continue with their fruit turned interior design motif, others may consider switching to floral which is said to be the new trend of 2018.

All-white Interiors

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Although it has been a popular design choice for several years, 2018 may be the year when all-white interiors get phased out. Instead of white, people are turning to dark or neutral colours. 

The Disappearance of Dining Rooms


This shouldn't come as a big surprise - especially among the millennials. Instead of a room specifically catered for dining in, individuals are opting for open floor concepts that offer a more casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Even though a formal dining room is disappearing, many still opt to have a dining table to still enjoy their meals. Or, if applicable, some have recently chosen the island in their kitchen as the new alternative to a table.

While these trends are predicted for 2018, it's difficult to decipher whether or not they will become prominent over the course of the year. We may even be surprised and see the opposite come true - with dining rooms regaining popularity, or and light colours used instead of dark tones. 

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