The Most Overlooked Areas in Your Home

The Most Overlooked Areas in Your Home

When you are designing or redesigning your home, you already have an idea of how you want each room to look. You’ve thought about layouts that will accentuate your furniture or paintings that will go perfect with your aesthetic. Unfortunately, you've probably forgot to consider these most overlooked areas in your home. 

Front Entrance

Your front entrance is how your house makes a first impression on your guest. It is also the last thing you see when you leave your house and the first thing you see upon your return.  You want to make this space as welcoming, personal and organized as possible. If you have the space, put up an artwork that showcases your personality and choose some decorative items that are a motif throughout your home. You need to remember that this space determines the look and feel of the rest of your house. So you want to keep your decor consistent from the entrance to the next room.


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If you have a stairway you’ve probably overlooked all of its decorating potential. Even though it can be hard to reconsider the moulding after the stairs are constructed, there are still other elements you can enhance to make your staircase more personal and cohesive with your aesthetic. Some people choose to keep their stairway plain, while others choose to align their wall with artwork, add accent pieces to their canister, or decorative trim on their steps.


image © Bill Wilson -  Flickr

image © Bill Wilson - Flickr

While originally intended for storing clothes, closets have become notoriously known as the space that helps you keeps things hidden. When you are considering your closet, consider its functionality. Do you want it to act as a storage space or do you want to use it primarily for your clothes? If you wanted, you could do both. You can get storage crates, put in shelving and in recent years, people have even included electrical outlets in their closets. 


image © Oyvind Solstad -  Flickr

image © Oyvind Solstad - Flickr

Need help fixing up the overlooked areas in your home? Get inspiration below or search 'stairs' at to view staircase designs.

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