5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Business Space With Neon Lighting

5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Business Space With Neon Lighting

They say that you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true, regardless if we are talking about personal interactions, professional relations or business to customer communications.

Your business space is the one thing that quietly speaks about who are you as a brand. If you have a brick and mortar shop, you want to make it as funky and as inviting as possible.

When in doubt - look what’s trending at the moment and how that will fit in your store. One of the catchiest trends now are neon lights, and customizing your business space by using them is an easy job to do.

What Are Neon Signs?

When you think of neon signs, what’s the first place that falls to mind? Las Vegas, of course. It is the home of versatile neon signs and interestingly enough, it is one of the most popular places in the world.

Neon lights are created when a low-pressure gas in trapped a glass tube. At each end of the tube, there is an electrode. These lights work on the principle that when the gas is charged due to the high voltage, the gas becomes neon and gives out the distinctive colors.

Neon signs and neon lights, in general, are not a new concept, yet their popularity is growing once again. They are commonly associated with the period between 1920 and 1960 in the U.S. Neon signs became such a landmark for many places, that in the last few decades there are great efforts to preserve or restore the vintage ones.

Your business space can also get the vintage vibe by using neon light. Here are 5 easy ways in which you can customize your store and make it glow.

Pros and Cons of Neon Lights

As with every other thing, neon lights also have their pros and cons. Here’s what you need to consider before you decide to go for one!


  • The distinctive look of the neon light cannot be replicated by any other type of light

  • They can be customized to your design or desire in terms of shape, colour and size

  • Depending on the type of light, you might not even need an electric supply

  • They can run on both AC and DC


  • While you can choose the color, the choice of shades is not vast due to the limited colors that the gases can produce

  • The glass pipes that they are made of can be fragile

  • Cracks can’t be repaired - if there is a crack somewhere on the pipe the entire sign will need to be replaced

Store Signs

The most obvious way, is, of course, having a great big neon sign that will be visible from even miles away. We all know how neon looks in the dark - amazing!

Choosing to go for a big neon sign with your logo or your store name will make your business space stand out even on a long street full of stores!


The most classic neon sign is, of course, the Open sign. Traditionally, if the sign wasn’t lit it meant that the store is closed. Pure logic, but forgetting to switch the sign off is not unheard of!

By opting in for a neon Open sign instead of the common low-cost plastic or wooden ones you are making your business door more inviting for it to be opened by customers!

Colorful Storefronts

The thing with storefronts is that they are always there. Even if it is long after your working hours, the storefront will be there to be noticed by the bypassers. Still, a dark storefront will not be observed by potential customers, especially after dark.

Now imagine lighting up your storefront with neon light. Now, that can’ go unnoticed under any circumstances. A funky and retro storefront will grab the attention of people who are walking even on the other side of the road!

Point the Attention in the Right Direction

No need to point out how “loud” can neon lights be. Using neon lights in a smart way can help you direct the attention of the people entering your business space. You have a special promotion going on? Light it up with neon!

The famous neon arrow light is used so much in Vegas for a reason!

Make Your Store Cosier

Neon light gained their popularity once again because they make us feel that old-school nostalgia. This is not only true about businesses but also about the average person. Neon lights are being sold in convenience stores and supermarkets since people love them, but they are also a great decoration for every space.

Spark up the walls of your store with a catchy neon light and don’t be surprised if you get positive comments on it.

Bringing back the old vibe can be easily done with neon lights. They are not reserved for big brands only - small businesses can also make an impression by using them!

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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