Create the Look: Design Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Create the Look: Design Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Looking to transform your outdoor space? From stylish furniture to ambient lighting, there are so many ways to create an inviting outdoor living space. You can find options for every budget, to make your outdoor area as luxurious or straightforward as you’d like. Here are a few design ideas for your inspiration:

Image Source:    Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Get Some Relaxing Furniture

Every outdoor entertainment space needs comfortable furniture. These days, you can find all types of stylish furniture to suit any outdoor setting. Look for some relaxing chairs that will compliment your patio. You can add some colourful cushions and throws to make it look extra cosy. Once you’ve found the perfect chairs, why not get a coffee table to match? With the right furniture set-up, your guests will never want to leave!


Create a Gazebo

Gazebos are an affordable way to create some shelter for your patio. They’ll keep you covered on rainy days and protect you from the sun during the summer. Gazebos come in many different styles and sizes, so they’re suitable for any outdoor space. They’re also relatively easy to take apart, making them the perfect addition for parties.

Image Source:    Pxhere

Image Source: Pxhere

Install a Fireplace 

On those colder evenings, there’s nothing more inviting than a cosy fireplace. A fireplace will provide warmth and also create a beautiful focal point for your space. 

In terms of fireplace designs, you have several options. From traditional wood-burning models to contemporary gas-burning designs, there’s a style for every setting. The plan you choose will depend on your budget and the layout of your outdoor space.

If you don’t have the budget for a custom-build, a portable unit or prefabricated model is an excellent alternative. These can usually be found at any home improvement or outdoor speciality store. No matter how simple the design is, a fireplace can completely transform your outdoor space.


Create a Cooking Space

The best outdoor spaces have areas for cooking. Your outdoor cooking space can be as simple or complex as you’d like. For most people, a BBQ and a comfortable dining area will do. But if you have a higher budget, why not go all out and build an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular in modern home designs. A typical outdoor kitchen is equipped with cooking appliances, a refrigerator, sink and food prep areas. You can either get your kitchen unit custom-made or buy an all-in-one unit.  Again, this will depend on how much money you’re willing to spend.

Install a Water Fountain

The sound of moving water is wonderfully soothing, especially during the summertime. A simple water fountain will bring serenity to your outdoor space. It will also blend in beautifully with the natural surroundings of your garden.

Image Source:    Unsplash

Image Source: Unsplash

Get a Hammock

If you want to create a relaxing summer vibe, a hammock will undoubtedly do the trick. A colourful hammock will brighten up your patio and compliment your relaxing chairs well. They’re available in a wide range of fresh styles, and they’re cheap too! 


Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting goes a long way in setting the right atmosphere. If you have a covered patio, hang some pretty pendant lights from the ceiling. This will add effortless elegance to your space. Lanterns and candles also work well to create ambience outdoors. You can place them on your coffee table to bring a soft glow to the seating area. Fairly lights are another great option. You can string fairy lights around the gazebo, around your trees or on the sides of your deck. Get creative with it!

Johanna Cider is a New Zealand-based writer who is passionate about travel, home and lifestyle topics. She gets her latest home decor inspirations from home improvement shows and growing collection of design magazines. Visit her personal blog, Musings of Johanna, to get in touch.

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