Have You Chose the Right Windows for Your Project?

Have You Chose the Right Windows for Your Project?

When choosing windows for a home there are numerous factors to consider like the aesthetic value, intended functionality of the window, safety, energy efficiency, and climate. In this article we outline the 8 different types of windows so that you can choose the right kind for your next project.

1) Casement Window

image ©  Nieuw

image © Nieuw

If you're looking for windows that can open at a full 90°, provide maximum airflow and ventilation, as well as offer optimal thermal performance, then you should be considering casement windows. These windows are opened through the use of a crank operating mechanism and can be hinged either the left or the right to open outward. This window style is best suited for bedrooms since it will allow for better airflow throughout the house. 

2) Fixed / Picture Window

image ©  Andersen Windows

Acting as the opposite to a casement window, is a fixed or picture window.  If having natural daylight stream in and uninterrupted views of the landscape are of interest, then getting a picture window is the best choice. Traditionally this window style is used in living rooms.

3) Skylight Window

image ©  Bill-in-SF

image © Bill-in-SF

If seeking optimal daylight during the day and stargazing at night is of interest, then skylights are your way of achieving that. For additional filtered daylight, some may choose retractable windows which can also allow in fresh air or bi-parting skylights where the middle can open. Commonly this style of window is installed in homes with high ceilings and ample space in common rooms.

4) Sliding Windows

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Sliding windows glide along a track horizontally, bypassing each other in order to allow either or both window panes to be opened. This style is commonly used in an assortment of rooms including the bathroom, and kitchen as they can allow for adequate ventilation. You'll also find this style in most modern or contemporary style houses.

5) Double-Hung Windows

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Double-hung windows have two operating sashes that move vertically  up and down. The windows can be opened from the top, bottom, or both, but they remain inside the frame.  This makes them perfect for rooms that face walkways, porches, or decks.

6) Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward to allow air to enter the room from the left, right, or bottom. Traditionally these windows are not standalone windows and are installed above, below, or alongside a stationary or operating window. 

7) Transom Window

image ©  Pexels

image © Pexels

Modern transom windows are typically rectangular in shape, however, they can also be arched. The arched style is popular for installation above exterior entryways where as the rectangular style is popularly seen above windows or doors. 

8) Bay or Bow Windows

image ©  Flickr

image © Flickr

Bay windows are designed to allow sunlight to be projected from several directions at the same time which means that they will allow for more sunlight in the room and give the illusion of a bigger room. Typically bay windows are made up of an assortment of windows with a stationary window in the middle and two sets of double-hung or casement windows on either side. You can commonly find bay windows in living room areas or bedrooms. If you're interested in learning more about the pros and cons of a bay window, read the article here.

Still wondering what type of window to install? Search the 'window' selections in our 3D Model Gallery on CADdetails.com to download models you can use in your planning. 

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