Thinking of a Bay Window?

Thinking of a Bay Window?

Spring is here which means flowers will be blooming, bees will be buzzing, grass will be turning greener and the sun will shine brighter.  It also means that soon individuals will be thinking about the home renovations they want to achieve this year. While some decisions may be decided easily, other decisions like whether or not to install a bay window will take more research. This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of bay windows to help you along with your research. 

image ©  John Carmichael

Bay windows are designed to allow sunlight to be projected from several directions at the same time which means that the room will have an increased amount of natural sunlight streaming in.

image ©  joel

image © joel

In addition to allowing increased natural light into the room, they also make the room physically and visually bigger. 

image ©  Sarah Reid

image © Sarah Reid

The saying having too much of a good thing can be a bad thing rings true when it comes to bay windows. While they do allow for an increase of natural light, the excessive amounts of light can cause an increase in the temperature of the room.  This is why it is critical to consider windows that score a high energy rating against solar heat gain. 

image ©  Brian Moloney

image © Brian Moloney

While you might enjoy the increased sunlight during the day, at night you may seek privacy. This can be difficult to achieve since the angles and configurations of the window make it difficult to install curtain rods, blinds, and other treatments. 

image ©  Peter Griffin

image © Peter Griffin

Since the windows extrude from the home and have a lack of circulation, it makes the window prone to condensation. This means that over time the framing of the window could suffer from rotting if it is continually absorbing water. 

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Unless you're in a warmer climate, a bay window is not desirable for winter weather conditions. They offer little to no insulation which means that the ground below them are traditionally very cold. 

Still wondering what type of window to install? Search the 'window' selections in our 3D Model Gallery on to download models you can use in your planning. 

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